Friday, May 2, 2008

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, That Guy I Work With, And Other Friday Stuff

Well, well, well. So Billy Wagner pops off again, only THIS time right on target. And it almost makes me feel bad that he has little or no credibility due to the fact that he's popped off so many other times that nobody really listens to anything he has to say.

So, he's like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, or should I say, the Bill Who Cried Wolf, and nobody heard, or cared.

And THIS time, like the ill-fated Boy in the story above, there was really something to cry about.

Funny how life works, sometimes, huh?

And speaking of funny, guess what happened to That Guy I Work With earlier this week? You know, the one I introduced you to here, and to whom I flip the daily bird on this here blog. On the last episode of the soap opera, I was telling y'all about his Oakland A's fandom. And his constantly throwing the Mets and their lack of success in my face.

Well, the other day, he came home from work, and found his little boy happily clutching a mitt, a ball, and.... (and this is the GOOD part).... a brandidy new New York Mets cap! Hee hee hee, as The Coop would say, hardee har har. Man, the old saying that every dog gets his day certainly applies here, and yes, Virginia, there is a God, and He does have a sense of humor!

Of course, TGIWW (That Guy I Work With, to forever be known by these initials) turned to his wife and bemoaned the fact that the cap could have AT LEAST been a Yankees cap! Some people, sheesh! They just don't know when the kids are right!

So on we go to Arizona, to face one of the hottest teams in the league.

And then, hopefully, it won't be a new version of Goin' To California (With An Aching In My Heart)......

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