Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh...The Humanity!!!!!!

Oh, the friggin' humanity, the humility, the lack of humility, the downright humiliation of it all...

I'm talking, of course, about the recent "revelation" *snicker* about the use of steroids by A-Rod, and the recent revelation about ex-Met "star" Roberto Alomar allegedly being HIV positive. Although I do question the use of the term "star" after the phrase "ex-Met," because all Mets fans know that Alomar performed in anything but a stellar manner after he became a Met earlier this century...but I digress, as my good buddy Coop would say...

I was going to write about A-Rod, The Steroid Fraud the other day, but the only title I could come up with for the piece was A-Wwwwww Who Cares?, which I tossed around but frankly it didn't move me to write the piece. And then when I heard this morning about Roberto Shallow-Mar, I just thought to myself...oh, the humanity!, and BOOM, there it was!

Anyway, ENOUGH about me and my so-called thought process.

Baseball has really taken a hit lately, hasn't it? Especially New York baseball, and especially the premier organization in New York baseball that outfits its players in pinstripes for every home game since the turn of the century, and probably before(which actually might be very fitting since I believe prison uniforms have some kind of stripes on them, at least in the movies), which organization shall remain nameless. Myself, I've always said I didn't really care about steroid use in baseball, because, frankly, it didn't seem as if anyone in baseball did, since everyone associated with baseball either made ginormous sums of money off the backs of steroids or paid ginormous sums of money to watch these over-medicated players with egos almost as big as their muscles and paychecks even bigger play the game. Which is why I don't. Spend my money on it, that is. Or even make money on it. I use the game strictly for my own entertainment - hence, this blog.

And if the truth be told, frankly, I've always felt that baseball tried to wash its hands of the stink of the steroid scandal, and left the players out there high and dry to absorb the brunt of the public outcry that they, and the game, were "cheated." Gimme a fucking break, already. We ALL participated in the so-called "steroid era" of baseball. We should all take a good look at ourselves and our fandom, and our attitude towards our fandom.

And when are we going to learn, anyway? When are we going to learn that baseball players are no better or worse than people in any other walk of life? Why do we worship them as heroes, and thus set them, and US, up for a huge fall simply because they can hit home runs? Or steal bases? Or strike out 200+ batters per year? This fascination with and worshiping of celebrities in our society has gotten nuts, crazy, whacko, stupid. Perhaps these latest episodes are lessons for all of us.

Just could be worse. We could find out that George Steinbrenner is a cross-dressing transsexual with a fetish for pink painted toenails, or that Brian Cashman is his, uh....ew!!!..... never mind!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Forget The Bill of Rights.... about this "Bill of Goods" Omar Minaya is trying to sell us about the Met offense and one Luis Castillo on the Boomer & Carton show on WFAN this morning??? Anybody else hear it? I'm sure some of you did.

So long story short, heree's what I got from Omar this morning: blah blah blah New York; blah blah playing in New York; blah blah it's hard in New York; blah blah mental; blah blah physical; blah blah it's different in New York; blah blah BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!

As if it were some sort of mantra of excuse for the downright poor play of some (*cough cough Luis Castillo cough cough*) and the just plain stubbornness and failure to finish the job of others (*cough cough Omar Minaya, Fred Wilpon, Jeffy Wilpon cough cough*).... you know what? I'm sick of it already, and the season, much less, spring training, hasn't even begun!

I mean, really, how can these morons think or believe, for even one New York minute, that the team has enough offense? What do they think they're going to get from Carlos Delgado this year, huh? I mean, let's be realistic. The guy is in the twilight of his career, and probably isn't, and hasn't been for some time, suited to the cleanup role he usually occupies in the lineup. And what about the need for a nice, credible right hand bat, which I know, you know, your mother knows, your father knows, your second distant cousin knows, the boyfriend of the girlfriend of your second distant cousin knows the Mets need, and have needed, since the departure of one Xavier Nady in 2006. Don't even try to tell me that since mid-2006, there isn't and hasn't been some right hand bat out there that could fill this need.... unlike some of the delusional Met brass, I don't think most Mets fans are THAT stupid *rolls eyes.*

So Omar, I ain't buying. If you've watched this team over the past two years, you should be very well aware that this team needs and needed not only the bullpen revamping you just pulled off, but it also needs an attitude adjustment, a right handed bat and something at the bottom of the lineup other than the scrap heap of the National League. Look, I'm not saying you gotta get this guy (*cough cough Manny Ramirez cough cough*), but address the issue in some kind of real way, and stop thinking about catching lightning in a bottle with all this crap you throw at us, okay????

So really, gimme a break. Much like the rest of the country, I ain't buying.