Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Long, Mikey, And Other Not So Good News

And so it is... today, Mike Piazza, the former Mets' star catcher (like you don't know that!) announced his retirement from major league baseball. In a classy and almost elegant statement, Mikey showed what it is to be grateful, humble and proud. (Three things that Willie Randolph could learn from him.... ). So goodbye, Mikey, and good luck, and we'll look forward to seeing you inducted into the Hall of Fame in five years. You and I had our ups and downs, but you gave the Mets and their fans hope, credibility, and a helluva ride for a few years there. So, thank you, Mikey, I humbly thank you, and wish you nothing but the best in the future.

In contrast, during today's Mets/Atlanta game, the Mets announcers spent the better part of, oh, the first five innings or so talking about and playing quotes from none other than Willie Wonker. As I said above, he could take a few pages out of Mike Piazza's book at times. Today, he tried (rather unsuccessfully, I thought) to backpedal on his Willie Rant, and as usual, he would have been better off saying less than the more he ended up saying. Didn't anybody ever tellya, fellow - LESS IS MORE. No charge for the free advice, Willie!

And in other sad news, Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with brain cancer. What a terrible time for him and for his long-suffering family. Say what you want about ol' Ted, but he is a Senate icon, and will probably go down, even if he steps not another foot in the Senate, as one of the most influential and prolific lawmakers of our time. Ted's certainly had his personal difficulties and peccadillos during his lifetime (Chappaquiddick, anyone?), and has made his share of mistakes, but has done more to advance the cause of poor, disenfranchised and minority Americans than probably anyone else in his time. Good luck with your battle, Ted... we'll all be rooting for you!

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