Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vile-Man Blows Up The Joint....

.....will the real Jose Reyes please stand up, will somebody (Willie Wonker, that means YOU) please stand up for Moises, and basically, METS, which of course, means my-entire-team-sucks!

Aaron Vileman could screw up a one-car funeral at this point. Last night, during the broadcast, SNY showed a graphic indicating that at the point where Mr. Vile entered the game, he had heretofore (nice word, huh? Lawyer allowed SIX of EIGHT INHERITED BASERUNNERS TO SCORE. That's right folks, you ain't reading it wrong. Now, I grant you, it's a fairly small statistical model, but then again, so are relievers' seasons in terms of innings and stuff anyway, and after last night, the statistical model is less small and even more vile.

So what happens? The extremely strong effort of Claudio Vargas, who was lifted byy Willie Wonker in favor of Vileman after less than 100 pitches and after having surrendered only one run up until that point (sixth inning), goes for naught.

Nice friggin' job, Wilbur.... you belong with Mr. Ed, sonny boy.

It looks to me as if Wilbur has lost whatever tenuous hold or control he had on this team, the thrill is gone, as they say, and so should Wilbur be... GONE, that is. If this team does not turn things around quickly, and by that, I mean hasta pronto, just for those guys on the team that don't understand, or want to understand, ingles.

The series finale is today, and let's hope it's an Afternoon Delight rather than a Highway to Hell kind of game.

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