Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Rant On Willie's Rant....

OK, I've been chewing on the now infamous "Willie Rant" for a couple of days now, have read various things on various blogs and message boards, have considered the sum of what I know and what I think I know, and have seen, and I have a couple of things to say. Surprise, surprise, right? Well, this is a Mets blog, after all...

OK, point number one. Willie needs to realize and understand that part of the problem is that he's making this whole thing about HIM, when it really is about the TEAM. After all, if the team was winning and playing well and playing good entertaining baseball, how much of this do you really think would be happening? You know what I mean by THIS -- all the talk of Willie's job being in jeopardy and the like. Fact is, nobody even THINKS about firing the manager of such a team. And by Willie making such a fuss over the way HE'S being treated, or HE'S being jeopardized or HE'S being misperceived... well, that just doesn't cut it with the fans. Fact is, Willie, THE FANS BLAME YOU FOR THE PERFORMANCE OF THE TEAM, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE COLLAPSE LAST YEAR.

So I'm really tired of the Willie Playing Dumb persona. Willie's a New Yorker, fcol -- if he doesn't get that, he doesn't really get anything else, which brings me to my next point.

Point number two, unless I lost count, which if I was playing as dumb as Willie has been playing lately, would be a distinct possibility. But anyway, point two. Don't even go there with the race thing, Willie! I suppose you were interviewed for a gazillion major league manager's jobs and turned down for every one because you were... gasp... BLACK! Who the hell do you think you are, anyway, Rev. Al? FCOL, Willie, you need to stop this, and stop it NOW. The plain and simple fact is that there have been numerous black and Latino managers in the major leagues for many years now, and I would be very surprised if race was a factor at all in your inability to get a major league job. More like you had no previous managerial experience, not even in the MINOR LEAGUES; I would bet you interviewed in the same way as you manage and conduct yourself; and I would bet you were competing with many guys out there who actually HAD experience and a resume. So get over the fucking entitlement argument, too, ok?

You know what? The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off. So I think I'm going to stop right now, because if I don't, I'll spend the rest of the day pissed off and won't enjoy what looks to be a Met fan's dream -- a day/night double dip against a hated division rival.

And a first game matchup of Willie's Uncle Tom Glavine versus The Second Coming of John Maine.

But before I go - ponder THIS, Willie Randolph. You wanna talk about unfair? Let's talk John Lester, who was stricken with a terrible disease in his early 20s. THAT'S what I call unfair. And what did he do about it? He didn't cry "why me?" or blame God, or blame anyone... he beat the disease, he battled back, and rewarded himself with a no hitter yesterday evening. Talk about grace under pressure.... you twit, Willie, you have soooo much to learn, you arrogant ungrateful twit.

That is all.


coop said...

Well done, Deb, well done! Willie is such an idiot and being exposed as a woe-is-me-i-have-it-so-rough guy is not going to endear him to fans. Coupled with the whole "Shea fans suck" rant of his, the wilpons have to see that his days are numbered in a Mets uniform as manager. I mean, how much of a grave can this man dig. Of course, if they annihilate the Braves and take 2 out of 3 in vaporization stadium, no way Willie and Mets don't come back with a heroes' welcome at Shea. Point is, he is off the hook once they start playing well. Do you honestly think Charlie Manual would still be mgr of the Phils had they not backed into the NL East? Which btw was gift wrapped by the BP Mets?

Deb said...

Yep, very true. It's the same for every manager, and frankly, Willie does not realize (among other things he does not realize *titter*) is that he is probably fortunate to still have his job after the historic collapse.

What a fucking ungrateful twit of an idiot. And you'd think, him being a New Yorker and all, he'd be more inured to this whole New York thing *sigh.*

Vifam7 said...

Willie: (crying)
Wah! The media is being mean to me!
Wah! SNY is being mean to me!
Wah! The fans are being mean to me!
Wah! It's not fair! Wah! Wah!

I vote Willie for p___y of the month.

After all the talk about "accountability", Willie comes back with this "woe is me"?

Hey Willie, if you can't take the heat, get out!

Coop said...

Vifam7 - well, we might just have to go with that there. I have a different BPPOW for this week (trust me, if it's half as good as what I have in my head, you guys will be on the floor with laughter). We are approaching the end of the month so who knows? Willie definitely has had more mentions that any other player besides Heilman and well, that is just too easy sometimes.

Deb said...

Well, Coop, you can always do a dual pick, if it's that much of a decision to make...lol.

Honestly, you're right, they make it sooooo easy sometimes, lol!

Vifam7 said...

Btw, where did you find that Al Sharpton poster? It's hilarious!

Deb said...

Vi, I found the Sharpton on the net. It was like, the fourth or so hit off of Google. :)

And one more thing about this Willie stuff -- I just heard him on WFAN with Eddie Coleman, at which time he seriously backpedaled on the previous interview.

But I still feel, after all I've seen and heard over the years with Willie, that he's more worried about his own legacy than he is anything else.

A black George W. Bush? LOL Scary fucking thought.... brrrr

D Smitty said...

Why can't he be pissed off? Why does everybody get in a hissy fit when race is mentioned? He didn't bring up race, he answered a question. Randolph has been a New York lifer and wonders why he is so attacked in the town he loves. You whiners ever stop to imagine how your life would be if every radio station and paper in the town where you and your family lives attacked you... and your team was a contender?

I like the fact that he's mad and don't care about the perceived race card. Most of you (not the blogger of course) probably haven't even read the interview. Should he have given standard non-answers? If so, many of you would knock him for not being mad. Now that he's showing he's mad, you hate that too.

I was at opening day this year and absolutely disgusted by the booing. I know we lost but for heaven's sake... have we become Yankee fans? You know what, I've been a Mets fan since the 70's. I cried when Tom Seaver was traded for 4 average players (I was 9... OK?) and I've got something to tell you folks. METS FANS DO SUCK!!! We just swept the Yankees and you guys and the talk radio call-in morons still complain.

Oh and no... I'm not a relative of Willie randolph or a childhood friend. I'm just a part of the silent majority that has a life and doesn't call into WFAN, but listens enough to be really pissed off by the stupidity in May. That's why I like Boomer in the morning.

THE COOP said...

OK D smitty, you done gone did it now (well not really but to counterpoint). I did read the article and subsequent fallout from it, like Deb I took a step back and I didn't even address it on my own blog because quite frankly everyone else got to it before me. Now it was my understanding that race wasn't even a question - the reporter basically asked him about the topic after WILLIE brought it up. Big difference if Wills was answering a question - then he has to point out Herm, who by all admissions was a good dude but was given more than enough chances to right the ship that is the Jets (well, exercise in futility and that's coming from a Jets fan) and ISIAH FREAKING THOMAS who not only should have lost his job sooner but should have lost his job the minute he was brought into a court with a sexual harassment charge. "Isiah didn't do a good job." As Toasty Joe said today, that is a gross understatement, like George W is a poor president. Meanwhile back at camp, this is the first time I've seen you on our blog (and yes i am a tri-owner of this site meaning i get 1/3 of nothin LOL ;-) ) and you are accusing US of being fairweather fans. Do you know I was just telling a Red Sox fan just how un-enjoyable it is for me to go to Shea these days as a die-hard and season ticket holder? Well of course you wouldn't know that but I did. Basically b/c of the opportunistic people who show up to Shea and feel the need to boo. Now I'm not saying they are not justified (20% increase in ticket prices, shoddy product on the field), but booing Aaron Heilman's name on the scoreboard is more than I can take. Meanwhile, I liked it better in the dog years like 2002 when REAL Mets fans showed up and we could cheer for the team - bad and boring as they were - and talk about who we would trade and make fun of Derek Jeter. So before you accuse us, make sure you get your facts straight too. And Wills has the right to be pissed, but I don't think he's pissed. He is complaining that the medium that is owned by his team - SNY - paints him in an unflattering light. If anything, he does a good enough job of that himself.,

D Smitty said...

Great Post Coop!!!

Looks like we're not THAT far apart, now while my words may not include you, you must understand then why it angers me so much to see the attacks on Willie and the lame fans that have been at Shea recently. I will apologize for lumping you folks in with them, but they've been getting me pretty upset this year.

You're right, I haven't been on this blog because I don't generally do blogs. This entry was linked on MyYahoo page and drew me in, only because the topic has been irritating me for the last 24 hours... You guys just unfortunately had to be subjected to it. I don't see the problem in Willie trying to answer the question with references to Herm and Isaiah. He's just trying to understand why, with the Mets doing far better than under Art Howe, he gets so much heat.

Remember the guy probably has children, relatives and good friends who call him constantly wondering why nobody likes him. Then they probably sit around come up with all sorts of theories, including race. Now, I don't think it's race, I think all Willie need do is look at the Super Bowl champs. Giants fans had Coughlin and Eli have way down the plank before the incredible run. This is New York, Willie should know better... that i do agree with. You just can't jump on the guy for being upset and puzzled about a job he cares so much about and has really done well. Hey... I'm a long time Mets fan. I know what a bad job is. (Howe, Dallas Green, Torborg, bamberger...)

Deb said...

D Smit - first off, welcome.

Secondly, I guess TC (that's The Coop) said most of what I would have said... but there is this. When asked today on WFAN who brought up race, the columnist who published and wrote the Willie Rant said that, well, basically, it was Willie, and he [the columnist] let him [Willie] go with it, like a good journalist would, could, and should.

So there is that, lol.

As for Willie being mad, what about Mets fans? And again, I'm talking people like me, like TC, like Dingomets, like YOU, like REAL fans of this team (I myself have been a fan since 1970). I can tell you how I felt after The Huge Collapse Last Year, when neither Willie, Omar, or ANYONE FROM THE METS ever, not one single time, save for a lame email sent to season ticketholders after the last game, truly acknowledged and accepted how the FANS FELT.

Who are the fans? Only those who support and provide EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR THE TEAM MAKES, whether it be by watching, going to games, holding season tickets, buying MLB gear, or whatever.

And now, we're supposed to feel sorry for THEM, because they're being booed, or they're not "liked." You know what? Gimme a fucking break, it's really that simple. Did they give a hoot about how the fans felt after they treated us to one of the worst performances ever in major league history in the last two weeks of the season? When they basically choked and emailed it in?

This blog stands for THE FANS. Not the Johnny-come-latelys who go to Shea and BOO on Opening Day, which was totally classless, or even the ones who have get a few free tickets and have a few drinks and boo like the half drunk assholes they probably are, or the fans who think they are owed a Championship because, well, dammit, that's what they want. But the REAL FANS of this team, who got shit on last year, which shit was continuing to drip on us like a bad shitstorm thus far this year.

Willie's mad? Hell, WE'RE ALL MAD. Some of us choose to turn that mad into, well, into words, into blogs, or post on message boards, but I can guarantee you that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE MAD REAL FANS still watches every game, cries at the thought of the end of Shea, rejoices at the thought of Citifield, and does the same thing he or she did EACH AND EVERY DAY OF HIS OR HER METS FAN LIFE. They stand by their man, so to speak. While it might not be pretty sometimes, they do it.

And what do they get in return for that? A bunch of whiney underachieving It's All About Me?????

Aaarrgggh..... don't even get me started.... whoops, it's too late, lol!

D Smitty said...

Hey folks...

You guys have actually inspired me to blog. I'm gonna stick to my point that Willie has as much a right to rant as do we, but I totally respect this crew here and am happy to find true believers. I also will not ever pretend that I care more than he does. Just because someone is not throwing first base into right field like a moron, doesn't mean he gets no sleep on the night of a Mets loss... like tonight. BTW - what a way to waste last weekend.

I even contributed to a friend's blog... he's a Yankee fan, but he's still OK.

Deb said...

D Smit - come back, and let us know where youze at, so we can link up and enjoy! :)