Sunday, May 25, 2008

WOW, Keith!....

And holy shit, Batman!

Did y'all hear Keith's comments about Gary Carter during today's game broadcast on The WB????? He described Gary Carter and/or Gary Carter's recent comments about throwing his hat into the not-so-vacant-yet ring of the Met manager's job as "unconscious."

Looks like Willie isn't the only one squirming in Metsland right now, huh?

Looks like Carter is jumping in the premature Willie grave, and frankly, I've always thought that Gary Carter's best friend was Gary Carter. Don't get me wrong -- I agree with Keith that Gary was a helluva player and has my utmost respect AS A PLAYER, but jeeze louise, Gary... give it a break already, willya? By this time, everybody and his brother, and his other brother (Larry, Darryl and Darryl, anyone?) KNOWS you want a ML manager's job. But if you keep up shit like this, Gary, the only manager's job you're going to get is the one you currently have, for as long as you can keep it.

I've always thought that Gary Carter was more of a fan's player than a player's player. That he was the type of guy the other players would snicker about behind his back, and plot all kinds of silly pranks of the lockerroom variety while doing it.

So you might just say, Gary, that your mouth and naked ambition will be the vehicles of their own demise. So even if Willie is currently a Dead Man Walking, you're lined up right next to him at the morgue, there, ex-pal-o-mine.


god googler said...

I think Wally Backman deserves the chance to manage--or at least to fall on his face trying to.

Other guys I'd like to see:
Ron Darling: The guy went to Yale--at least he's smart.

Davey Johnson: Hell why not?

I agree with Carter's comments being ridiculous but if ya don't toot your own horn nobody else will either. He answered a question from a reporter--perhaps irresponsibly--but if someone asks me if I want the Mets managing job, I'll say "yes, I'd sure love to be there too."

Meanwhile, the Yanks won a great game at the Stadium today.

Deb said...

Well, don't that beat all... I have now had a visit from God! Praise be! LOL Not for anything, GG, but last week, while working at the Parish Mission, I had an interesting experience...but that's for another time and place. :)

Now, onto the Show. And who should be managing The Show Known As Mets Baseball. They'll never give WallyWorld a shot due to his, ah, somewhat sordid past. Which is a shame, I agree. Ronnie won't relate to the guys, imo; Davey is too old to have the same fire, and Carter is ridiculous.

It's one thing to toot your own horn, something about which I agree, but it's a total other to campaign loudly and clearly and for all to see to get a job that someone else is currently performing, if you can call what Willie & The Mets are doing "performing;" I suppose in the loosest sense of the word, you can.

Anyway, I hope to see you here often, and I shall return the favor. Looks as if you have quite an impressive list of blogs. :)