Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Throwing Some Shit Against The Wall...

...and seeing if any of it sticks.

That's right, as the picture so clearly states, shit is a weapon. So what say we throw some of it, and see what we come up with:

(1) David Wright. If anything good comes out of this whole WillieGate mess, here's one potential positive - David Wright finally emerging out of his cocoon to become the unchallenged leader of the Mets. Of course, this will happen only if Willie is replaced as manager, and a shift in attitude occurs.

(2) Aaron Heilman. So he's on the trading block, eh? Another textbook example of the phrase "what a fine mess you've gotten us into." By US, I mean, the METS of course. Here's a novel idea, owners of the Blue and Orange: right now, The Vile Heil sucks the big one. And he's unhappy, and has probably been unhappy for years now. OK, OK, I admit, I was one of those who advised The Heil rather snarkily to suck it up and take one for the team, but at this point, the whole thing has turned to, well, to shit, in keeping with the theme of this here post. So, as suggested by TC last week on her blog, why not offer him a stint in the minors and the chance to become a bona fide starter, which is what he's always wanted? Why not try this before trading for him, because you just know if you're a Mets fan that he's going to go somewhere else, start, and be another Tom Glavine against the Mets *sigh.* So whaddaya say, Mets?

(3) Carlos Delgado is a fucking cancer. I'm not sure that one's up for debate, other than to say the only debate is what to do with him once the managerial change occurs. Which it will, and probably before long. Enough of Delgado's shitty attitude, shitty play, all around shit. I don't have the answer, but something has to happen with him. Because, well, it's like this. It's kind of like The Teacher v. The Wiseass Bully. In the case, the Mets being The Teacher, and Delgado being The Wiseass Bully. As a teacher myself (not a schoolteacher, but a CCD teacher, which still qualifies me as a bona fide identifier of this phenomenon, even I say so myself), you usually identify the The Wiseass Bully of the class within the first few classes. You know the one -- the one who constantly challenges you, the one to whom the other kids look for guidance, the one whose word goes in class, the one who is loved and admired by most of the other kids. You know, of course, the only way to gain control of the class is to somehow stop The Wiseass Bully in his tracks. Now, there are several different methods by which to do this, which isn't really the point of this post; the point is, Carlos Delgado has been definitively identified as The Wiseass Bully. So what are you waiting for, Mets????? You can't let him run the class, fcol!

(4) Moises Alou, And The Old Injured Guy Brigade. See, now, this is a real problem. In addition to the whole WillieMess, the Mets need to decide in which direction they're going to go. As much as I love and admire Moises Alou, I was pretty much against his re-signing this past off-season because of his propensity for spending half of each season on the DL, and half of the other half on the bench trying to avoid being on the DL. You simply cannot sign this type of player and make him an everyday position player. It's not good sense, it's not good business, it's just plain not good.

Like, it's shit.

So, any of y'all got an opinion on any of this?


Coop said...

well done deb! You know I agree with 110% of what you say here - of course, I think that D Dubs will be the leader of the team - my understanding is that he and Wags are good friends (both VA boys), and DW seems to be following his lead in being the accessible player. I can see him not being so diplomatic soon - he's going to have to be in order to wrest control of the clubhouse. as for delgado, i've been calling for his ass all season - and last season. As for Heilman, I believe he still has options, I put in a call to Joe Janish - the thought someone brought up to me was that he wouldn't clear waivers. But wouldn't waivers not be an issue if he a.) agrees to it and b.) has options?

GaryG said...

Coop, why would Heilman agree? I hate to sound selfish, but I mean, whats in it for him? Wouldn't he rather be elsewhere and have a chance to start? So why would he agree to go down?

Deb said...

Gary - I think you have to ask before you assume something won't happen. If the fact is that Heil would have to agree, then ASK him. Approach him properly. Give him the chance to cut his chops NOW, which makes him more marketable than he currently is, so it's to his advantage even moreso than the Mets', at this point.

Coop, if you're an ignorant slut, then so am I, because once again, we agree...!!!!! :)

And you HAVE TO CHECK OUT The Mets Police.... according to the site, Bobby V has suspended his blogging for two months. Hmmm... curious. LOL

coop said...

isn't heilman under our "control" till 2010? i'm sure if someone - either an Omar or even Rick Peterson for example - sat down with him and said - here's your cup of coffee - you want to start, take an assignment to AAA for three months to work on your stamina. When we feel you are ready, we'll activate you with the big club, you can start down the stretch. WIFA (whats in it for Aaron? LOL) - well, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel that he starts - and the worst case is he says no and they try to trade him or at the very least, they have him work out his stuff in the minors and then try to trade him mid season. Believe it or not, I still believe he has value.

Deb said...

And right now, that value is minimal, but if he goes to NOLA and learns how to become a starter, and gets some ML exposure in that role, and he's any good at it... well, there's a tremendous upside; just ask any decent ML starter playing today.

And if he isn't, well, he's still the same old Heilman, no better, no worse... he doesn't lose much in trying, I don't think.

If I'm him, I'm gonna consider it... STRONGLY.