Sunday, May 4, 2008

They're Ba-ack! That's Right Folks....

...The Jekyll and Hyde Mets, in full spring bloom....

After a rousing and what seemed like a genuinely fun and inspired performance Friday evening by the Dr. Jekyll version of the 2008 New York Mets, most of which this writer missed due to... uh.... well, never mind, yesterday's lackluster Mr. Hyde-like reversion to prior form returned, in the form of a nasty 10-4 victory by the snakes, the likes of which was only worsened by the presence of the Fox broadcating team of Kenny Albert and Mark "Sleepy Time" Grace. The only thing worse than the game itself, and the failure of what seemed like the entire Mets pitching staff in what also seemed like an eternity of hell was the monotonic moronic misinformed performance of Albert and Grace, which sounds like an old comedy duo, but which I can assure you folks was not funny in the slightest, nor did it even pass as entertainment. Vaudeville, it ain't.

Of course, the game was no help, but still.

And how about the annoying propensity of the constant musical interruptions at Chase Field...which are not only grating and unnecessary, but the fine folks at Chase have put together some of the worst musical selections I've ever heard, bar none. Indeed, most of the time I felt as if I were at the circus. And it also seemed as if the Diamondbacks have little faith in the acumen of their baseball audience, and feel it necessary to fill the air with little trivial selections of mostly bad music of the 80s and other eras.

I got two words for them - bad idea. This is baseball, not Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey crossed with Cyndi Lauper or Moulin Rouge.

Anyway, it's clear to me that Mike Pelfrey can't pitch to anyone but Brian Schneider; that Aaron Heilman is turning into another John "Heart Attack" Franco, which may in fact be a good thing, as it appears he's finally earning the wearing of that bulldog expression he always seems to sport, and that nobody on the Mets pitching staff actually showed up for work yesterday.

Where are you, Billy Wagner, oh where have you gone....apparently, flipping the word bird on your teammates is only good for one free pass, one get out of jail free, one victory, and one victory only. Ah, a fleeting glimpse, then gone so quickly, or as the movie title says, "Gone In Sixty Seconds." Or sixty hours. Definitely not sixty days, as we just saw....

Let's hope that today the Dr. Jekyll returns, and leaves the Mr. Hyde in the laboratory, shall we?


Coop said...

I think it's abominable that a 24-y/o rookie needs a personal catcher at this stage in his career. Obviously, Johan needs one too, since he can't pitch to Schneider with the 3 WPs he had this game.

this team frustrates me. i should be happy with a 2-out-of-3 against the best team in baseball right now. I'm not. I think I just faked an orgasm.

Deb said...

I know... the sense of accomplishment and happiness is lacking here, as well. Why do I feel like we just fleeced the Snakes by the hair on my chinny chin chin?

Schneider is having lots of trouble catching everyone who isn't named Pelfrey, it seems. LOL