Saturday, May 17, 2008

And When We Get Behind... Closed.... Doors.....

...and we let our hair...hang....down.....Yep, just like ol' Charley Rich said in his classic country/western song, back when they still called it "country/western" music, the Mets had a "behind closed doors" team meeting last night, called by none other than Willie "The Wilbur" Wonker, the Mets illustrious manager... at least for now.

And I betcha the main topics discussed were, let's see now....hmm....Billy Wagner's mouth, Billy Wagner's mouth, and Billy Wagner's mouth! It seems as if on the Mets, winning might actually be secondary to Billy Wagner's mouth.

Kevin Burkhardt of SNY interviewed David Wright today on the pre-game show, and David said that what happened last night could bring the team together... now I know we're in trouble. Or not. Who knows; as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and I want the Bill Cosby Jello kind, luscious and yummy and smooth.

So whatcha say, boys? If you can't win one for the gipper, win one for yourselves, fcol. Aren't you tired of losing already? Sheesh, I know I'M tired of it, and I'll betcha if you asked most of your fans, they are, as well. And it's not just the losing, it's the manner of the losing, the so many new and uncreative ways you can make your lack of effort on the field so obvious to even us unedjumacated New York sports fans, you fools. You must think we're stupid, or something. I'm not even WITH stupid, like the ubiquitous and tawdry shirt has been known to say.

Oh, and one more thing - stop the crying, babies, ok now?

Onto the game.....

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