Monday, May 19, 2008

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees Lose!

... and the Mets win the rain-shortened series, 2-0, and beat the living shit out of the seemingly hapless Yankees this weekend. Even Mr. Original Met Killer, Derek Jeter, couldn't save a team that looks as if it's a second division team... permanently, or as permanently as for the rest of this year, at least. Of course, the Yankees were missing A-Rod and Posada, but considering the overall state of That Team From The Bronx, including the starting pitching (is there any?), the bullpen (is there one?), and the offense (is there one, except for Jeter, and the two missing guys?), I'd say the Bronx Bombers are going to suffer plenty of getting bombed this year.

And what can I say about our boys' team performance this weekend? They finally seemed to get that there is no "I" in "team," and both wins were clearly team efforts, for a change. Sure, Santana wasn't stellar on Saturday, but the boys got enough runs for him, and he perservered, and Wagner picked him up. No "I" in "team" there. And last night, the entire Mets offense just shit all over the Yankees, and Ollie provided the toilet paper.

Yeah, baby!

Onto Atlanta, and hopefully more of the same......

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