Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Bill R." For Manager

So, okay, I confess, I jump around to lots of blogs during the day.

And today, it finally paid off. Well, it's paid off before, but today, it paid off in a HUGE, really big way, because TODAY, my friends, the identity of the next Mets' manager finally appeared before my very eyes.

And that person? Why, none other than "Bill R."

"Bill R.," or the Manager, Formerly Known as Willie Randolph.

Man, how I love the sound of that! No more run-of-the-mill post-game interviews with Willie Randolph… they are now lively, interesting ones with Bill R. No more annoying trite comments from Willie Randolph — now, Bill R. speaks passionately and confidently. No more watching Carlos Delgado & His Merry Men run all over Willie Randolph - Bill R.
stops them dead in their tracks. Kinda like baseball’s version of Raid....

Bill R. - Man of the Future.

Willie Randolph - Man of the Past.

Are ya with me? Let's give Bill R. a fighting chance! Bill R. for Manager of the Mets, 2008. Vote for Bill R. Get y'er Bill R. here. Bill R. - Man of the Future, Not of the Past. Get on board NOW!!!!!!


The D.O.T. said...

Bill R. !!! Holla!!!

We're the D.O.T. aka Slappy McSingle/Homerton on Metsblog - this Bill R. movement is about to get into a nice little rhythm!!

Check out - we're behind the Bill R. movement, hop on!

Deb said...

GO BILL R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome aboard, D.O.T.; I'll come visit you at your place!