Monday, May 12, 2008

And About That There Weather....

... I forgot to tell y'all, or perhaps remind y'all is a better way of putting it, about what a bad job the Mets organization did this past Friday with regard to the "delayed rainout," as I'm calling it.

We all remember how bad the weather was that day, right? Right. So anyway, everybody and his or her brother figures the game's going to be called, only it ain't. So many ticketholders trek on out to Shea, pay for gas and parking, visit the concessions, and otherwise patronize the Mets organization.

And there I am, sitting at home, and I turn on the pregame show on SNY. And Matt Yallof, and maybe even Gary Cohen, start talking about how there will be baseball that evening, and how there's a "window" in the otherwise disgustingly awful weather expected briefly at around 7 pm.

Now, it's been raining all day, the field's a mess, and unless that window is as wide as the Grand Canyon, I'm sitting there shaking my head and wondering why the Mets let this fiasco go on as long as they did.

Please don't tell me they're THAT greedy, or that stupid.

That is all.


caryn said...

i would have respected the thought that they didn't want to play a doubleheader and the reds aren't coming back... if they hadn't announced the delay until 7:05, by which point everyone who was coming out was going to come out. that to me smacks of "well at least we'll get some concessions and some team store money".

Deb said...

So I guess they ARE that greedy, huh?

Too bad... that STUPID, I could live with, but that GREEDY, well, I got a problem with that. LOL

I'll tell ya, Car, things like this are what makes me wanna smack people who actually have the nerve to call those of us who dare to question the Mets "not real fans" of the team.

And things like this are what make me continue to be reluctant to spend my hard earned money to support the greed.