Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time To Introduce Some Of My... Ahem... Friends

I guess it's as good a time as any to introduce you folks to some of the recurrent "characters," or ...ahem.... friends, yeah, that's what they are, friends, acquaintances, jerky people I work with, and the like that will make an appearance here from time to time.

Take, for example, a guy I work with whom I'll call, oh, hell, I'll call him by his nickname, or one of them - K. I was calling him Rob K, but after he read this item, he decided he either wanted me to call him by the moniker of K-Fag, and then he thought again, and decided "K" would do, so K it is. He's somewhere appearance-wise between Jesus Christ (in fact, some of the guys call him Jeebus, and I used to call him Allah, myself, because, well, being a Catholic, I just couldn't bring myself to call him J.C.), a modern-day hippie and a shock jock; yeah, I think that's about right.

Now get this -- he not only likes AL baseball, at the thought of which I truly retch, thinking about watching THAT type of baseball every day, but he's an Oakland A's fan, coast-runner that he is, lol. And he likes HOCKEY. He's the only person I know besides Ding Dong that actually thinks hockey is a worthwhile sport with a future in these here United States.

Anyway, Rob and I have a recurring funny feud about the Mets and the A's, and he swears, every year, that his A's will finish ahead of my Mets. So of course, in return for that, every chance I get, I try to make his life as miserable as I can, in a way only I can, lol.

He'll be appearing in my posts here more than occasionally, I'm sure, so I thought I'd introduce him today.

Before he comes back and I start waving the brooms in front of his face... heh heh heh!


thekingofsnark said...

after all these years, i better make the list

oh, and hockey is the only pure professional sport left

Deb said...

Perhaps if you would like to clue me in to WHO THE HELL YOU ARE I might consider putting you on the list, snarkie-poo! :)

And please, spare me with the hockey, puckhead! :)

thekingofsnark said...

sweetie, you gave me the name, and you invited me here

if you can't figure it out, what does that say about you?

Deb said...

What it says about me, snarkie, is that I don't choose my friends too wisely... *snicker,* lol.

WTF can I say? I don't remember giving you the name, and I invited several folks here, and you could be any one of them.

So show yourself, snarkie poo, or else. :)