Monday, May 26, 2008

It's The Same Old Story... The Same Old Song And Dance... friends.

And the winner is -- Willie Randolph! According to late breaking news, and MetsBlog, and the pre-game presser being broadcast live right now on WFAN, Willie Wonker is indeed remaining as manager of the Mets, and according to Omar Minaya, Willie's job was "never in jeopardy."

They're talking about "improving the team," and generally circling their management wagons, in a gesture reminiscent of Custer's Last Stand, if'n ya ask me.

So rally 'round the flag, boys, circle your wagons, and by all means, improve the team, but my thoughts? Shoulda been done long ago. Too little, too late. The time has passed. Dead Man Walking. [Insert cliche of your choice here.]

There is simply no sense of urgency, no logic, faulty or otherwise, no recrimination, apparently, and no fallout in the Wilpon World. Why, it's paradise by the dashboard light. They're fools for you, anyway. Hell, they're just.plain.fools.

You had better turn the beat around, and quickly, Willie. And that goes for you, too Omar, because you done went and hitched your wagon to Willie's, and for better or for worse, sink or swim, it looks as if you two boys are in it together.

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