Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Funny Shit...

...for your perusal during the All-Star break, which I wish wasn't...I really hate the All-Star Game, the whole break, the Home Run Derby, everything, just all of it. To me, it's just an unnecessary season interruption. FCOL, just shut everything down for three days, and play highlights on the MLB Network...oh, I forgot, MLB doesn't yet HAVE a network, silly me....

Anyway, moving forward...

It seems as if A-Rod hosted a party yesterday evening, having bowed out of the Home Run Derby, apparently as unimpressed and bored with it as is this fan, and according to WFAN this morning, Madonna music was heard piping through the sound system all evening long.

Which to me, is really funny shit, considering all the stuff that's been circulating around about A-Rod and Madonna lately. Now, either A-Rod is extending a large finger in the direction of everyone, figuring he's so rich and famous, he can, or he really is just that dumb and oblivious to everything.

Or maybe he's just extending his finger across the pond to his soon-to-be ex, Cynthia, who is off frolicking in Paris with the irrelevant Lenny Kravitz, perhaps in retaliation for A-Rod's "thing" (whatever it is) with Madonna.

Really funny shit, and kind of sad shit at the same time. Sad for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that I can't help wonder, that with all the money and fame and looks that A-Rod's got going for him, he apparently chooses to, ah, "cavort" with MADONNA? Yikes!

But, hey, maybe it ALL is really innocent; maybe A-Rod just wants to learn the ways of Kabbalah from The Learned One, Madonna. And maybe Cynthia and Lenny ARE just friends, and maybe Jason Giambi really WAS in the Home Run Derby last night.

You know what else is some funny shit? The idiots on ESPN. That's funny as in laughable, not funny as in ha-ha. Because boy, to me, these bozos are really laughable. Every year at this time, I'm painfully reminded that Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are NOT the worst of the lot. The All-Star break allows the rest of the world that does not generally tune into ESPN to see, live and in color, the collective stupidity of ALL those associated with ESPN especially Steve "Natty" Phillips and Chris "Been There, Done That, Sick of It" Berman.

Steve Phillips has been irrelevant since before he was relevant, if he ever was. Added to that, if the guy ever had a hair out of place or an unmanicured fingernail, I've not seen it. Just waaaay too vain and self-absorbed for my taste, and I've never found any interest or credence in most everything that comes out of both sides of his mouth. How did he get the Met job, anyway? Someone refresh my memory... nah, I changed my mind...I simply don't care enough.

As for Chris Berman, his shtick is really getting old and tiresome. Another no-talent few skills guy hanging around the fringes of the game attempting to live off past glory and reputation, a fading relic of the past that most could live without, easily.

Of course, I think the purpose of ESPN is jock sucking up, and that being the case, they probably have their lips right on the, er... well, let's just say they're good at it, and leave it at that.

Maybe the best part of the whole All-Star thing will be the parade today. I like parades; they're accessible to most everyone; kids love 'em; they don't seem overly contrived or desperate; and usually they have a lot of music.

And not even any Madonna, I'd bet!


Rickey Henderson said...

Agreed about Boomer, his bombastic catch phrase nonsense got old about 7 years ago.

Deb said...

He's just a walking talking breathing baseball anachronism, and an annoying one at that. Does he have any REAL baseball knowledge, anyway?????? It's been so long since I heard him actually UTTER any, I forgot whether he ever even HAD any, lol.