Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seven Come Eleven?.....

...and last night, the Mets won their seventh in a row.... as they say in Vegas, and in AC, and in Connecticut, and Monte Carlo, and Reno, and, well, you know the rest -- give us the big "yo", and c'monnnnnn eleven!

This afternoon at Shea, in a game which the Mets are currently leading by a score of 3-0 against the Rockies, Pedro Martinez had to leave the game early with shoulder tightness, and that's certainly not good news. I guess we'll find out more during the All-Star Break, but it would appear that the Mets' Old Man Brigade certainly isn't faring too well these days.

Speaking of the All-Star Break, happily for David Wright, he won't get one, having been selected by NL manager Clint Hurdle to fill the spot vacated by injured Alfonso Soriano. Nice going, David; you deserve it!

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