Friday, July 11, 2008

Mets Get A Six Pack...... they win their sixth straight game yesterday afternoon at Shea against the hapless and pretty hopeless-looking San Francisco Giants.

Considering the present state of the Giants, my buddies at the Mets Police, who have been seen to be criping lately about the Giants being memoralized and recognized at Citifield, shouldn't wonder why they're not.

The Mets seem to be firing on all cylinders, which leads me to my next subject -- Billy Wagner's mouth, and his recent comments when asked about the difference in the team under J Man and The Big W. According to Dan Graziano of The Star Ledger, Billy lays the credit for the resurgence of the Mets upon the new, relaxed atmosphere in the clubhouse and on the field under new manager Jerry Manuel. While saying he didn't want to speak badly of Willie, he gave high points to J Man, saying this about J Man: "I think he's kind of loosened the reins a little bit and allowed us to relax and play...His first meeting with us, the message was 'Play fearless. Don't worry about one bad game or one bad at-bat.'"

Apparently, Willie's businesslike non-facial hair Yankee ways didn't sit too well with the blue collar side of town a/k/a The Mets, and now that the team is free from the shackles of Yankeeitis... well, we're apparently seeing the results. I'm not yet convinced, but as each day comes and goes, it is becoming more and more apparent that there is a huge change in attitude, maybe due to the change in lattitude vis a vis J Man.

And a Jimmy Buffet image thrown in here for good measure, case any of you missed the reference.

Of course, the news came down yesterday that Moises Alou has torn a hamstring, which may require surgery, but will at the very least finish him for the year. Shocked, huh? Yeah, me too. Not. VERY not.

So the question is, where will the Mets look for outfield help, now that Moises is down and out, and Church is, well, who knows? Sex For The Mets (look below)?


Mike said...

Damn it, I did not give you permission to use that pic of my abs. My lawyers will be contacting you soon.

Deb said...

I ain't afraid a' no lawyers, Mike. Bring 'em on.... :)