Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, Willie... I Guess We DID Know Ye....

Did any of you happen to see David Lennon's piece on Willie Randolph posted yesterday? Well, for any of you who hasn't, you can find it, in its entirety, right here.

Apparently, Willie blew off all the reporters within his vicinity at the All-Star Game, without even uttering a "no comment," "how do you do," "have a nice day," or "fuck off." Zero, zip, zilch, nothing....nada. Willie acted like Willie acted during his tenure as Mets manager: aloof, untouchable, protective of self, slightly arrogant and slightly above it all.

Not a smart move, Willie, even if you are smarting. Not a smart move at all. The world of the media and press is indeed a small one, and your "Poor Willie" schtick is rapidly becoming old, if it hasn't already.

I guess some of us DID have it right, or so it would seem.

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