Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sex For The Mets?....

....relax, relax.... I'm talking, of course, about the brandidy-new released Richie Sexon, he late of the Mariners.

And before we talk hither and fro about whether or not the Mets ought to take a flyer on him, perhaps a review of his statistics would be in order, and I have thus provided the info necessary, or at least, a piece of it.

OK, now that THAT'S done, let's talk. I remember the Richie of a scant few years ago as being the only legitimate player the Milwaukee Brewers possessed. I remember his power and his star quality, and I remember wondering what the hell he was doing hiding out in Milwaukee of all places... Then of course, Richie signed the big contract with Seattle in 2004, and actually did okay for a few years, and then rapidly declined last year, which decline continued, and mightily, into this year, leading to his release. Have we heard this story before, folks? Another victim of the lack of Juice in the clubhouse coffee?

Anyway, there are other Richie Sexson issues, involving brawling, character issues, and the like, but none of these, in my opinion, are really relevant, since a lot of major leaguers have found themselves in similar situations, and short of having a criminal record, a myriad of incidents, a couple of arrests and hitting the women in their lives, I have to kind of discount this type of stuff.

So back to the main issue -- should the Mets consider signing him?

Well, he is a right handed bat, and a legitimate power threat. Heaven knows we need one of those in our lineup. He might benefit from coming out from under the relative obscurity of many of the places where he's played, and who knows, he might bloom in New York. Some guys just cannot properly toil relegated to obscurity, and an underachieving team. He has had some good years.

Of course, in my opinion, the most pressing need the Mets have right now is another outfielder, but that still wouldn't preclude the Sexson signing....

So what's the bottom line? If I were the Mets, and I wanted to spend, say, $7 million dollars (half of what's left on his 2008 contract of $14 million) to get a legitimate power threat from the right side, I'd consider him. Hell, there are worse options out there, but far cheaper ones. If I thought Sexson would make a significant difference, maybe I'd do it. But I just don't think he will, and with the recent resurgence (not to mention the money we're paying him) of Carlos Delgado, I just don't see that Sexson fits here overly well.

Still, it is an intriguing possibility.... opinions?


GaryG said...

I think Raul Ibanez is a better fit if he becomes available.

Deb said...

I'm not wild gaga over Sexson, or anything, Gary, but I do think he bears at least some consideration, especially in view of the recent developments in the Moises Alou Ongoing Injury Situation, and the Ryan Church Who Knows With Him Either situation.

I personally don't think the Mets will sign Sexson, unless they can get some monetary consideration from Seattle, and maybe not even then.