Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Rant, Part Dwa...

..."dwa," being, of course, the number "two" in Polish, naturellement, mon amis.

Anyway, oh, yeah, where was I? Right, the subject of my Friday Rant, Part Dwa. Which means two. Part Two. Just in case you didn't get it the first time.

And now that I've sufficiently annoyed you, just think of how annoyed Charlie Manuel must have been at one Jimmy Rollins, who, having broken another one of Charlie's simple rules (supposedly, he has only two, which are hustle and be on time), may have had a hand in costing his team the game against the Mets yesterday, having arrived at Shea late; in fact, VERY late, with no "heads up" call forthcoming. His ass just got there late, waltzing into the clubhouse as if he were, well... Jimmy Rollins, The Reigning NL MVP.

Kind of making me second-guess my vote for him last year, but I digress, comme d'habitude.

Anyway, this isn't the first time J Ro has got hisself in trouble with the Man man this year. Recall, if you will, an incident earlier this year where the Man man benched J Ro for not hustling, which incident was handled, I thought, very well by both parties. The Man man did what he had to, and J Ro seemed sufficiently chagrined and contrite. End of story? Mais, non, mon amis. Witness yesterday, and J Ro's late arrival to Shea, ending in his benching by the Man man, possibly costing his team a very close game.

Anyway, you're probably wondering at this point -- why does she give a shit, or more to the point, why should I give a shit? Well, I'll tell you, folks. Because considering the shit that Reyes has had to deal with lately for his perceived "showboating" behavior, COULD YOU JUST IMAGINE HOW BIG OF A DEAL THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN HAD IT BEEN REYES? And COULD YOU JUST IMAGINE WHAT J RO MIGHT HAVE HAD TO SAY ABOUT IT HAD IT BEEN REYES?

Fuckers ought to learn that players who live on grass fields shouldn't throw the dung, and physician, heal thyself, or some fuckshit like that; I think you get the general principle.

And oh, J Ro, I didn't even get on you for your stupid "celebrating" after hitting the double the other night, hypocrite.

So stop throwin' the stones, J Ro, and worry about yourself first. It appears that you need to. Dummkopf scheib! Allez en enfer vous stupide idiot!


Rickey Henderson said...

holy hell, is that an actual photo of him getting beaned in the face?

Deb said...

Yo no se, Rickey. However, I thought it an appropriate illustration for the concept of Lessons Jimmy Rollins Needs To Learn.

Not that that's a hard concept to understand, or anything; just for Jimmy, not Rickey, of course. Rickey knows all dat.