Friday, July 4, 2008

SNY's Next New Reality Series: Friday Night Fights...With Keith Hernandez and Jose Reyes!

On the heels of its successful inaugural reality series, Knife Fight, with Jerry Manuel and Jose Reyes, SNY has announced its spinoff reality series, Friday Night Fights, with Keith Hernandez and Jose Reyes.

Notice the common theme there? That's right, Jose Reyes.

The incident apparently occured on the team charters, when it seems that Mr. Reyes got a liiiiiitle upset with Mr. Hernandez, and the two almost came to blows before the intervention of a few guys kept it from really getting wild. We hear that Mr. Reyes just did not like some of the things Mr. Hernandez had been saying about him on the air, or it seems, and decided to take matters into his own hands...literally. It's funny, though; the remark that really set Reyes off was the one Keith made about Reyes being "babied" by the team, so how does Reyes deal with that? Well, by fighting wike a w'il baby, of course. Insert big eye roll here. Yikes...

Still, it seems that neither of the two are any the worse for wear, and life on the Mets bus goes on...

...and anyway, what did you expect from a bunch of gangstas, rubber biscuits?

And now the Mets and the Friday Night Fighters move on to Philadelphia to play a series that is as important as any the Mets have played since last year. This weekend could well determine if the Mets will be players or watchers.

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