Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bobby Murcer Loses His Fight With Cancer Today... was announced this afternoon that beloved Yankee icon, Bobby Murcer, has lost his courageous and painful fight with cancer this afternoon, having passed away today at the young age of 62.

What a gentleman this guy was, even for a Yankee (I think that, wherever you are now, Bobby, you might appreciate that last phrase). It seemed as if everyone loved him; the guy exuded warmth and class and taste and charm and it doesn't seem as if anyone who came into contact with him, whether by meeting him personally, talking with him over the telephone, listening into one of his broadcasts or otherwise, came away any the less for it; in fact, I think the opposite was true. To hear some of the Yankees speak about him, such as a clearly shaken and emotional Mariano Rivera, a broken up Joe Girardi, and a Michael Kay openly sobbing on the phone with the YES Network, you get the feeling that here's a guy who made his little corner of the world much happier, brighter and joyful just by his mere presence and force.

Well, Bobby, may the force be with you now. May you have eternal peace and take with you on your journey the love and affection of all those whom you touched in your short time here. Godspeed, Mr. Murcer.

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