Friday, July 18, 2008

A Perfect Ten...

...and here I was, all set to post the obligatory Bo Derek picture, and as I'm blog surfing like I generally do every morning, I come across this; for not the first time, somebody else beat me to it! And of course, The Great Mestradamus even added the Mets hat -- nice touch.

Hopefully, y'all like the picture I decided to use instead *snicker.*

Last night's game was a game where Johan Santana, apparently chagrined and upset that the Billy Joel concerts at Shea this week interrupted his throwing schedule, frankly sucked, where the offense was fairly nonexistent the first few innings, where Reds' pitcher Johnny Cueto looked for all the world like Santana was SUPPOSED to look, then - WHAMMO! Delgado pops a two-run homer to break the ice, and the scoring frenzy began in earnest. The Reds tied it up; the Mets went ahead; the Reds went ahead, then, in the top of the ninth, a home run by David Wright and a bloop single by none other than (yikes!) Carlos Delgado put the Mets ahead for good.

So that's TEN IN A ROW, folks, and maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to believe again...if only a little, and if only this week.

Of course, there is other news on the Mets horizon, most of it, not very good. Pedro, who left his last start early with "shoulder tightness," or something like that, got a cortisone shot to his hip the other day; what his hip has to do with his shoulder I'm really not sure, but the bottom line is, he'll miss his next scheduled start. Ryan Church will apparently NOT come off the disabled list when eligible, although it's said that it's just the Mets being cautious more than anything else. Uh, not sure I believe that one, but OK. El Duque left HIS start in Bingo after one inning with "foot soreness;" so it looks as if the return of these three guys falls somewhere between the not-too-distant future, the distant future, the foreseeable future and the tenth of never.

Notice how nicely I worked that "ten" reference in there, huh?

But for right now, you can't argue with success, and success is what the Mets and their fans are currently enjoying. So I'm not going to overly piss on the parade; instead, I'm going to enjoy what I'm supposed to be enjoying, and party on....

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