Friday, August 29, 2008

Take THAT, JRo........

...a lovely sight at Wrigley Field in Chicago, where the Cubs stage a dramatic late-innings comeback to beat the Phillies, a/k/a "Jimmy Rollins & The Whiners."

So, take THAT, JRo. Am I going to hear you spouting off about the Chicago Cubs and their "celebrations?" And as CoreyNYC so eloquently put it on his blog yesterday... take THAT, and THAT... and even THAT!

And as for the Yankee win yesterday, well, I think the kitty picture says it all!

And one more thing, in this whole anti-New York prejudice vein thingy, and that's this: the other evening at Citizens Bank Ballpark in The City of Brotherly Love, when the young Philly fan fell out of the stands onto the field during batting practice, notice, my friends, that he was comforted by none other than the New York Mets players. About four or five of 'em. Now, I know the Mets were on the field at the time, but interestingly, the Today show played a tape of the incident in question, which showed the aftermath of the fall, and nowhere during the approximate minute or so after the fall did anything remotely resembling a Philadelphia policeman, team trainer, manager or player appear. What, they all have broken legs? They can't see?

As The Coop says... just sayin', just sayin'. This is stuff for some reason you never see in many media outlets; sometimes, it seems the only stuff you see in the media regarding New York, New Yorkers, New York sports, and the like is the negative stuff. It's as if New Yorkers aren't capable of any good, and everyone outside New York is remarkably wonderful. Now, we all know that neither of these two extremes is accurate, but there ya go.

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