Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Only Thing Worse Than The Met Bullpen.... apparently the entire Washington Nationals team, lock, stock, barrel, offense, defense, and pitching.

Pardon me if last night, I almost, no, check that: I DID feel sorry for the Nationals' young pitcher Jason Bergmann. At least I think that's how you spell it, and I think what I felt was sympathy. In fact, it was such a strong feeling, I had to turn the channel during the third inning; I simply could not watch it anymore.

So the Mets end up winning the game 12 to zip, Johnny Maine returned to the starting rotation with a bang, and the Mets are now tied with the Phillies, once again, for first place in the NL East.

Overall, a nice piece of work thus far this week.

The race for the division crown is probably going down to the wire, and it should prove to be an interesting seven weeks ahead.

And oh, has anybody seen the new Mets ticket prices for next season? My buddies at The Mets Police posted this about the whole thing yesterday. Pretty much looks like Joe Average Fan will be pushed to his limit monetarily, and will basically be shit out of luck getting anything approaching a field level seat.

Hey, on the bright side, at least no PSLs, and I ain't talking about Port St. Lucie, yuckyuckyuck.

Looks as if my computer is finally fixed, and things are almost back to normal. Whatever normal passes for in MY crazy life, anyway.


George said...

One of the ways to be a "good" team is to beat the living snot out of a terrible team. So yesterday was good.

And we actually have to thank the Dodgers for taking 3 from the Phils, two in the ninth inning. Is that a Phillie bullpen imitating the Mets group?

Deb said...

Yeah, but unfortunately for Mets fans, at least this year, this particular team seems to play up or down to the competition. And the Nationals are truly vile, putrid, stinko pinko and just plain horrendous.

And we do indeed have to thank the Dodgers. Perhaps I should have posted a nice little Thank You card to Joe Torre & Co., lol!