Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And The Big Pussy's Pick of the SEASON Goes To...

...none other than...

The Mets Bullpen. The Coop came out of semi-BPP retirement for this truly special event.

So, I got a note from a friend last night -- I was in bed early, because honestly, I saw the writing on the wall, the minute the score was 7-5, I didn't need to stay up to watch what I knew was going to go down, so I didn't get the note till this morning -- that the team showed a lot of heart, but they really need Billy Wagner back.

Hmmm, but even with Billy Wagner, the bullpen was still blowing leads.

And I mean, substantial leads. Yes, the Mets bullpen has given credence to the old saying that it aint over till its over.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell the Mets about that, and clued the Phils into it.

So riddle me this -- why is it that when the Mets are already out of it (take for instance, last Saturday's game, at 8-1), the bullpen seems to keep it together. I'd like to point out this was evident in the last game of 2007 (do I even need to go there?), after Tom Glavine gave up 7 earned runs in the first inning, the bullpen came and was magic.

While the BP (bullpen, not BIG Pussy) was hardly the problem last year, when Carlos Delgado is on my good side again, that says A LOT about the games this team has been losing all season.

So not having Billy Wagner may be a part of the problem, I can tell you that Duaner Sanchez forgetting how to throw a strike, Joe Smith regressing to the mean, and Aaron Heilman, well I mean, he's the Charter Member of the BPP. I mean, I know that Luis Ayala is the new "official" closer, but it was about time he'd blow it.

I mean, why bother pitching in the bullpen if you can't get an out?

After all, isn't that what you get paid for, gentleman?

So tonight, we got Johan going, but of course, he's the Poster Boy for Bullpen Suckage, since the team has managed to blow like 20 of his starts this year.

I do have to say though, my anger is subsided a bit this year. I'm over 2007. I've been over since, well, basically since September 30, 2007, and when Johan Santana was officially traded. But I can look at this game and say, this is a gimme game -- to the Phils.

Hell, you know its bad when Johan, Pedro AND Big Pelf are all begging for the ball when they are obviously tired. Complete Games are the new black for the Mets.

So thanks Bullpen, thanks so much. Even if this pathetic team does make the playoffs, no one, and I mean no one is going to be threatened by this pussy wimp of a bullpen.



Deb said...

OMG, Coop.... lol. EXCELLENT entry, just excellent, and may I say, extremely well deserved.

And congrats to you, Zoe and Dykstraw on your new venture... I'll be moseying on over to check it out every day.

I'll be posting more on last night's loss a little later. :)

James Allen said...

Well, the bullpen didn't spit the bit quite as much as it's done in other games. There were a couple of things that could've helped, like Easley making a better throw in the 9th which would've had Werth out by about 10 feet. Game over. And as soon as Victorino's ball went down the line, I wondered why Delgado wasn't playing the line (seconds before Keith Hernandez said the same thing.) The little things, huh?

And I know it was a 7-run lead, but when Pedro gives 5 back, it's a new ballgame.

Repeat after me folks: tack on runs... tack on runs... How many times have we seen this? Just ask Metstradamus.

I mean, Ayala got a bad break, but are we really expecting all that much from a castoff such as him?

P.S. Watching Heilman get in and out of trouble for three innnings was a bit of perverse thrill ride, wasn't it?

Coop said...

True James, I do agree, the bullpen wasn't nearly as bad, but I did owe a BPP post to Deb for a while now (LOL), and well, I saw Pedro give up 5 of those runs back. Fact is, even if Petey doesn't have his best game, there is no real reason why this team 's cannot save games. I didn't stay up to see Heilman, but I'm sure there was a reason why I kept waking up in the middle of the night - HEILMAN!!!

Deb said...

I think Petey has to take a big hit for this one, Coop... and imo, the next time out when Petey gets in trouble before the fifth inning ends, Manuel may have to reconsider leaving him in.

Of course, as you so well and truly pointed out in your BPP entry...Manuel's other options ain't necessarily good ones, lol.

I really am not upset that they lost last night. I'm aggravated at the WAY they lost, the inconsistency of the offense, the consistent failure of the bullpen to hold leads, and the fact that the Sox beat the Yankees last night, and if the Mets had won, it would have been a perfect evening for me *sigh.*

So, thanks Mets, you

Deb said...

And James, if you have a blog, please post the link here. I'd love to visit it! :)

James Allen said...

Thanks Deb, I appreciate the interest, but I don't have a blog. I've thought about it, but I'd probably end up ignoring it for months at a time. Besides, I'm having fun commenting on everyone else's blogs.

I knew there many Mets blogs, but really, I had no idea there were this many. How great to know I have such a deep kinship with so many strangers.

But if I did have a blog, I'd probably name it... hmmmmm... "Ron Hodges for President." Too obscure?

Deb said...

Nah, in fact, funny. I got an email this morning from a friend of mine who actually created a blogmercial touting herself for President.

So obscure? Nah... lol!

dykstraw said...

coop, coop, coop, i knew someone was going to take this angle, but i didn't think it would be you. the bullpen gave up 3 runs in 7 1/3 to a potent offense in a little league field. this pen has had its moments but last night they take a back seat on the short bus to pedro, to jerry for leaving him out there, and to the entire offense for taking the night off after the 4th.