Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One, A Closer...Two, A Closer...Three, A Closer...

...well, you get the drift.

I could comment on the closer situation with the Mets, but after a brilliant piece like this one, why bother? Toasty's done such a great job of it, that all that remains is the laughter...and the tears which are going to inevitably follow.

I never thought Billy Wagner might be so valuable to us, frankly. Even after blowing seven saves this year, some of them in games that we really, REALLY needed to win, he might have become the Most Valuable Player On The DL this season, a position formerly held by the likes of Moises Alou and Ryan Church. Talk about an unlikely turn of events....

Last night was the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the making, or should I say, the RE-making. Imagine Jerry Manuel as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, with none other than Aaron "Thou Shalt Not Fail To Let The First Batter Pass" Heilman as Brad, and Dan Warthen as Eddie, with Howard Johnson as Riff Raff... and you've got the makings of a truly horrific remake, giving the words twisted classic a whole new meaning. The story line would go something like Brad (Aaron), after following the path which he was led to believe would lead to major league success, suddenly goes horribly astray, when he runs into Jerry "F-N-F,", who, with the assistance of Dan "Eddie," and egged on by Howard "Riff Raff," gently but firmly lead him down the path of no return. Pretty friggin' funny, if it were only a story line.

The only thing missing is a couple of women, but of course, Keith Hernandez would probably put the kibosh on that, seeing as how women shouldn't be allowed in the dugout, and all.

But back to the Mets, and to the present. With no moves having been made at the trading deadline, and with Livan Hernandez all but gone to Colorado (yeah, I know, but he IS an arm, and he IS an innings eater), the status of Church still up in the air (and literally, since God knows why the Mets have him flying all over creation with the team, fcol, he has a HEAD injury), Maine on the DL, Wagner on the DL, and most of Bingo at the ML level, with young guys playing out of position, the bullpen performing like the "crack" committee, and with Fernando Tatis currently carrying the offense on his shoulders... well, maybe you're thinking September call-ups are coming soon.

September call-ups? They've all ALREADY been called up...take a look at the roster.

Omar needs to make some moves if we're going to stay in this thing up to our rubber necks.

Stay tuned.

And on the other side of town, the Yankees' season may have ended with the injury to Joba Chamberlain. Wish I could offer some sympathy, but I'm currently too busy worrying about my own team.

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Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey never really watches the Skanks (other than to occasionally taunt them) but Rickey is curious: was Joba really ever that much of a dominant pitcher? Does their season really end with him?

The good news is that perhaps the Yanks will spare us the agony of seeing Livian Hernandez playing for the Mets...