Friday, August 22, 2008

The Magic Is Back.... really IS back, you know. How do I know this? Well.... based upon observation, of course, silly! Alas, I know you sabermetricians out there will say nay, and scoff at my powers of observation, but despite your naysaying and scoffing, there is an air of electricity and power surrounding Shea and the Mets that simply has not been there in the past few years. David Wright is focused, the ball finding its way into his hand, and glove, seemingly effortlessly. Carlos Delgado is getting FIVE HITS, including a game-winning hit, in a game. The bullpen is actually getting outs, and -- get this -- WITHOUT GIVING UP RUNS IN BETWEEN THOSE OUTS! The starters have found new and improved pitch counts. The boys can be found on the top steps of the dugout most nights, cheering each other on, joking, rally capping, and the whole kit and kaboodle.

Yes, indeed; instead of the tragic, the MAGIC is back at Shea! And how fitting is that for the wrap-up of Shea as the home of the Mets... it's a karma of a sort, serendipitous and cosmic and right, just somehow...right.

And we were treated to another wonderful Keith Hernandez Moment At The Mike last evening. Those of you who were watching undoubtedly know the moment about which I'm writing. Yes, it was that moment -- the moment when Tom Seaver, having been invited into the booth by Gary, Keith and Ron, had his career statistics flashed on the screen. Among those statitics was Tom The Great's career W/L record, which was, I believe, 311-205. And Keith, without missing a beat, in the way only Keith can, turns to Tom The Great and asks him "how'd you manage to lose all those games?"

When the laughing stopped, and Tom The Great recovered, you just had to realize the brilliance of the moment. Why, what Keith said to Tom is something like saying to Jesus Christ, upon his rising from the dead: "so, how'd you manage to die on that cross?" Yikes!

Right now, it just doesn't get any better than Gary, Keith and Ron, nor any better than The New York Mets. Yessirreeee, The Magic Is Back....and I'm loving it.

And NOW, for those of you who are waiting, the obligatory Yankee image du jour for your enjoyment and perusal....

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