Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Don't Know What's Worse... computer problems over the past week or the Mets' bullpen.

My computer crashed last week, and although the hard drive was restorable to its virgin self, we're on a server here, and it's been and continues to be a painful, time consuming and pain in the ass process trying to get everything back up to snuff. I've been working off a remote connection, which is fine as it goes, but it has limitations, such as printing certain things, like checks and other documents from our accounting software.

Plus, I've lost all my favorites and a couple of other things that were on the C drive, but I've managed to find most everything else, since I've pretty much stored everything on the server since I've been here, and that's over three years now. Actually, going on closer to four...

And now, onto those crappy Met arms in the bullpen. Although to their credit, and perhaps due to Jerry Manuel's posturing and astute use of the media over the past few days, two of them did manage to step up last night.

The reason I say Jerry Manuel's "posturing and astute use of the media over the past few days" is because, if you recall, he basically told the media yesterday that Eddie Kunz would be his closer, and has been telling the media for several days that he would put Maine, Perez, and maybe some others in the bullpen, that it was time for drastic action.

And apparently, the bullpen guys had a meeting prior to last night's game, so whatever Jerry's motives were, they worked.

At least for last night.

I thought some of Jerry's decisions last night were curious, but he seems to march to his own drummer and usually things work out, so I have to trust him right now.

I'd still like to add or change one or two arms out there in the pen, and I'd still like to add another bat or two to the offense for the stretch, but as of right now, we are a game back of the Phillies; theoretically, at least, we have the easier schedule from now until the end of the regular season, and the Yankees continue to suck.

Man, I love the sound of that.... hee hee hee!

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