Thursday, August 7, 2008

As Favre Un-Packs....

...and unloads his gear in New York, some Jets fans are just about shitting green over the prospect of having Brett as the leader of the Jet offense.

And although I can understand their glee, Brett is, after all, 38 years old, and hardly the quarterback of the future, the man around which to plan all other things Jet.

If I really thought the Jets were going to be serious contenders this year, I'd be whooping it up and shitting green with much of Jets Nation, but I just think that he'll be nothing more than window dressing for an otherwise mediocre team.

And what if anything will this do to the development of Clemens as the quarterback of the future?

And I can't help but feel badly for Chad Pennington, whose progress has be impeded by injuries, and whom I still think has a contribution to make for some team, somewhere.

I guess it's just not going to be for the Jets.

And onto other news Mets, somebody please slap (a) David Wright; (b) Carlos Beltran and (c) Carlos Delgado????? Wright has looked as if he belongs in A ball over the past week or so, and he wasn't tearing it up offensively or defensively before that. And despite the love he's always gotten from Met fans, and maybe even because of it, he's got to bear his share of the blame for the latest episode in the series Mets Woes, 2008 Style.

As for Beltran, as much as I love him defensively, and admire what he's doing for the new outfielders, who as we all know aren't really outfielders, he still drives me nuts with his offensive approach and game, and he isn't really helping things offensively, either, and hasn't for much of this year.

As for Delgado, let me just say I was not one of those who felt the unyielding urge to apologize to him for every bad thing I ever said about him because he had one torrid month. He's back to being the Delgado many of us know and loathe, and what makes things worse is that I actually am starting to believe his option for next year will be picked up by the Mets.

Next, I'm going to find out Pedro's coming back... could the resigning of Moises Alou be far behind?

Ugh... this afternoon is the rubber game of the series between the Mets and the Padres. And last night, the Botch says to me, during the game, that based upon what she's seen of the Padres this year, she wonders how they could ever lose.

I reminded her that the only times she's actually seen the Padres this year was when they played the Mets, which of course was a very sobering thought.


GaryG said...

Deb, yes Favre is a jerk, but think about this. Who's the better QB among The Jerk, Clemens or Pennington?

Re DW, he needs a day off. Nothing wrong with him.

Deb said...

But think about this.

Are the Jets, aside from Favre, ready to compete seriously for a playoff berth next year? If you can truthfully answer yes, then perhaps Favre isn't a bad acquisition. But if you can't truthfully answer yes, then why get him? Let Clemens develop so that when the rest of the team is ready, so will the quarterback be.

If'n ya ask me, Favre is the Jets' version of the Mets' signing of Moises Alou this past season.