Monday, April 21, 2008

You Know What? Watching A Game on ESPN....

... is about as exciting as watching grass grow, or watching the prices on gas changing hourly, or contemplating one's navel. With or without lint *ew*.

Not for anything, folks, but Jon "Game Show Host" Miller and Joe "Monotone" Morgan make the experience of watching a Mets game on ESPN almost excruciatingly painful. These two truly irritate me, and if I hear Jon "Bel-TRAN" Miller announce Bel-TRAN one more time I'm just going puke, or scream, or both, which won't be very pretty, indeed.

Although Pelf didn't have his best game last night, we have to remember, he's still young, developing, and the Phillies have a rather strong lineup -- it ain't like pitching against the Gnats, or the Marlins, or another second division team, for sure. All in all, I thought he did a credible job, if not a noteworthy one.

And Carlos "Delwhiffo" Delgado still remains on the Little Pussies List, and if he makes his way off it sometime this year, frankly, I'll be amazed. And what's with Willie moving Luis "No Runs, No Hits, No Errors" Castillo back up into the two hole? I thought that was rather.... odd. And do note, folks, we did lose the game last night. Coin-ki-dink? Ach, who knows?

And hey, did anybody but me see Wags rip the Philly fans again? Man, there is certainly no love lost between Wags and them there fans in Philly, is there? Although they have long been known for their, uh, willingness to boo at the drop of a ball, or hat, and to cheer at the sight of an opponent's injury, I think it goes far beyond that for Wags and the fans. There seems to be a vitriol of the sort that goes very very deep and will have a very very long shelf life.

And finally, check out Coop's blog , Stefi's blog , and Tracy's blog for pictures and recaps of their trip to Philly on Saturday. Way to go, ladies!


Tracy said...

Seriously, can't anyone tell him it's not pronounced BelTRAN? Does anyone call him Jon MilLER? Maybe then he'll get the point!

I love your blog... I found you on Coop's site. The link for the pasta recipe is on her Philly post.... but I'll tell you what I told her: I didn't add the parmesan cheese because I think it overpowers the lemon. And I also sometimes use basil instead of arugula, but this time I used neither :-)

Let's go Mets!!

Deb said...

Thank you, Tracy, for the kind words, and thank you for coming over! So far, I'm enjoying the blogging experience, but of course, I'm bradidy new, and although I've kicked around on various Mets message boards for years, it's still a new experience for me, the blogging thingy. LOL

And thanks for the recipe, and I think you may be right about the parmesan cheese. I cook a ton, and I've found with the parmesan that if you're going to add it with most things lemon, you need to do it right before serving and do it to the taste of the dish and the consumer of the dish. LOL

Please visit often, and feel free to comment on anything and everything! :)

rob karter said...

Good morning Debs...

I guess what gets me the most out of the ESPN crew is that all they have to rely on is the stat sheet that is put forth in front of them for the game.

I cant remember off-hand the specific players they were talking about but they would say something like "This '(player) ' has been doing good this year or bad this year, whatever the case maybe and any Mets fan knows its just the opposite based on watching most if not all the games this year.

...Tracy (Coppola)? If so good to see (and hear) from you again. I take it you and your sister are still blogging?


Deb said...

I know, Robsie. I used to feel the same way about the Fox crew, but they've gotten much better at being current and actually knowing a bit about the teams that are playing that day, right in front of their very eyes.... but generally, I agree that watching games on other than the CW11 or SNY kind of, well, sucks for the Mets fan, lol.

Although sometimes I think our guys aren't watching the same game as I am, either, so go figure :p!