Saturday, April 19, 2008

Top O' The Fourth To Ya!

OK, I confess, I'm not Irish, despite the Scottish last name. I'm actually Polish, 100%, on both sides, and unless there's some slave blood mixed in somewhere, I'm as lily white as they come.

But no matter, it's the top of the fourth inning, and the Mets are leading the game against the Phillies, 2-0. The team came out like a bunch of gangbusters this late afternoon, with Reyes smacking a double on the first Moyer offering. Then Church hit a ball that did a weird drop off of So "So" Taguchi's glove (like, he dropped it weird), and whammo, first and second for Wright, who then, of course, did what Wright does, more often than not.

Result? 2-0 Mets, and Perez looks solid.

More later. Read at your own risk!

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