Saturday, April 19, 2008

And To Think, We Were All Worried A Scant Few Days Ago...(Well, At Least Some Of Us)

What was that I just said? Oh yeah, that we were all worried about this team a few days ago. Or at least some of us. Or many of us. As Hobie told me, we've gone bipolar, dagnabbit!

In keeping with the bipolar theme, as the old song goes, what a difference a day, or two, or three, makes!

And it ain't just us that suffers from this disease, kiddies. The team continues to exhibit its schizoid Jekyll/Hyde personality, which I'm sure is meant to do nothing but confuse the shit out of us Mets fans and pay us back for all the booing at Shea, lol.

Right now the team is in the Dr. Jekyll stage, and I'll take it, yessiree, I will. Right now, I'm surfing the net to try to find a cure to prevent the Mr. Hyde in this team from returning.

I'm thinking it could be a combination of a dose of no J-Ro, a dash of starting pitching, a dab of timely hitting, and a good healthy glob of attitude.


thekingofsnark said...

who was worried?

this team is built for the marathon that is the 162 game schedule

Deb said...

Yeah, same way it was last year, right, snarkie-poo?

And boo hoo hoo... that's what we got. LOL

Listen, I'm over it; I just hope this team is! :)

thekingofsnark said...

did we have Johan last year? or were we masquerading Washed up Tom as our ace

did we have Church and Schneider- two steady professionals? or did we have Lastplace and Lo- Doucha in their roles?

did we have Duaner? or was Heilman getting the call in the 8th?

This team is infinitely better than last

Hobie said...

It's you bipolar fans I worry about, more than a .600 team.

I look to 5 games over .500 after 40, +10 after 80, +15 after 120 and then you're in the race. ("Meaningful games in Sept." is the catch phrase?)

Enjoy the ride, anything else is gravy. You think you're owed a championship? See your mental health specialist, take some purple pills, don't operate heavy machinery.

Deb said...

Snarkie poo - no, we did not. But the tenor and tone at the beginning of the year bore scary shades of last year; a wise man, or men, once said, The Song Remains The Same. Or at least it seemed as if it might.

And Hobes, of course I don't think the fans are "owed" anything -- that is, anything except each and every player's full commitment and energies to be expended on the field.

And that's what I don't think we were getting some of the time.

I'm especially impressed with the way the team came out last night, after what had to be a grueling evening of play and travel the night before, and really put the petal to the metal.

Free ride, baby... take it easy!

Deb said...

And Hobes, just for you, I changed the column up a little bit.

Enjoy! :)