Saturday, April 26, 2008

I've Got a Finger For You.....

So tomorrow is Foam Finger day at Shea, huh?

Well, boys, I've got a finger for you, and it ain't foam, and it ain't cute, and it ain't meant in a very nice way, either.

Kinda reminds me of the Celebrity Jeopardy segments on SNL, where Darryl Hammond/Sean Connery taunts Will Ferrell/Alex Trebek..... just picture Darry/Sean saying to Will/Alex in that exaggerated Scottish brogue - "Hey, Trebek, I've got a finger for you...." heh heh heh. And Will/Alex, just shaking his head, and wondering wtf he's still doing there, with this bunch of idiots.

That's the only image that comes to mind right now. I feel like Trebek, wondering what I'm still doing here, with this bunch of idiots.

I've got a finger for you....... lol.


tracy said...

This is funny stuff, Deb.... I really wanted one of those fingers, but the kid next to me last night said he'd gotten his at the new store outside the stadium, so I'll just buy one there (even though free is better, I just can't rally myself to go to the game tomorrow, even though they did win today).

I love that Alex Trebek skit on SNL -- my favorite was "Sean Connery" pronouncing therapists as "I'll take The Rapists for $200, Alex"

I'm easily amused, apparently....

Deb said...

Well, if you are, so am I, because I loved that one, too!

And how about the one where Norm McDonald/Burt Reynolds picks the category "colors," and all he has to do is name the color that pops up under the clue. So the color red pops up, and he rings in, and promptly says, "rectangle."

I swear, I still lmao every f'n time I think about that one. And when I need a good laugh, I still watch the videos of the Celebrity Jeopardy episodes on line.

"That's not what your mother said last night, Trebek!" hee hee hee

Hobie said...

Now, who is the bald guy with a beard? (Don't remember being ther.)

Deb said...

Heh heh heh, Hobes. That's Darryl Hammond/Sean Connery. Don't you watch SNL? You should treat yourself to some of the Celebrity Jeopardy skits.... they are hysterical, fairly clean (fairly) and really silly in a Naked Gun/Airplane kind of way.