Sunday, April 20, 2008

How About That Pope... (And A Pox On Thee, Yankees!)

I've been watching Pope coverage for much of the weekend, and of course, I watched this morning's Ground Zero ceremonies, which were understatedly beautiful, touching, and healingly emotional. Perhaps the Pope's visit will signal a new beginning for some of the families touched by this tragedy, and will allow both the found and the unfound victims to rest in peace, once and for all.

I guess I'm like most of the rest of us who lived through that horrible day, glued to the TV, watching the unfolding of the events, with a somewhat surreal feeling surrounding everything, and later, a sense of profound loss, tragedy and untoward and profound sorrow.

May the souls of those lost rest in peace, and may their families find comfort, love, and most importantly, hope for the future.

And right now, the Pope's coming into a packed Yankee Stadium. And I hear the Yankees have banned him and his Popemobile from the outfield grass. A pox on thee, Yankees..... for shame, a pox on thee! You think the T-shirt was a problem? Just wait... grrr......

And I'm getting my brooms lined up for the game tonight.... I trust you folks are all doing the same. We're going to have a rather clean Mets house after this evening, aren't we?


thekingofsnark said...

I must admit, I just don't get Pope- amania. usually, when a leader of an institution that has systematically allowed and covered up the sexual abuse of hundreds upon thousands of young boys comes to town, we don't pack stadiums cheering him on.

guess people need to believe in something.

feel free to delete if it's too touchy a subject, i just had to react to this farce somewhere

Deb said...

Snark, feel free to vent here, it's not a problem.

I can certainly understand how you feel, and how many others feel, about things that have happened within the Catholic Church. The Church has certainly made its share of mistakes in its 2000+ years of existence, and this is one huge one that unfortunately has negatively impacted many young lives.

I believe that this Pope fully intends to deal with the matter head on, and take whatever steps are necessary to prevent the same from occurring again.

thekingofsnark said...

"dealing with the matter head on"

either a clever entendre, or a horrible choice of words

this is me feigning outrage!!!!!

Deb said...

Quite while you're a-head (lol) snarkie poo. Hee hee hee.

I'm just going to "head" on outta here now *groan*! :)