Saturday, April 26, 2008

Do You Think That Today, We Could Get....

... three hits instead of two? I figure if we add a hit each day, by the end of the week, we'll be getting ten hits per game, and then if we keep going, well... you get the idea, lol.

So how about it, folks? Let's root for one more hit each day than the day before! Can I get a boo-yah on that?

So how many of you stuck around for the end of the Three Up And Three Down Mets Brigade last night? Our guys (or should I say, more correctly, "Willie's Guys" *snicker*) don't even look fairly interested at the plate. They look fairly bored, which is what this Mets fan feels watching them play.... fairly bored, fairly aggravated, fairly disinterested. Shit trickles down, boys, and it sure has, at least for this fan.

And oh, by the way -- Harold Reynolds knows nothing about the Mets. NOTHING. And he showed it during his debut on SNY last evening. The one interesting contribution he had to the broadcast was the breaking down of Carlos Delgado at the plate, and the "double kick" difference from 2006 to the present. See, Carlos, now all you gotta do is lift the leg once, and not tap it twice. Reynolds opined that perhaps Carlos can't get the high leg kick due to a hip injury of some sort, or a hip degeneration, but the only degeneration that might be taking place in that sentence has been to Reynolds' reputation.... sorry, folks, couldn't resist that one, it was just toooo easy.

Which is something the Mets hitting hasn't been lately.

So let's root for three hits today, adding one more than we got yesterday, and take it slowly....


tracy said...

What an ugh-fest last night was. There's nothing to get excited about....oh, except cheering for them to NOT swing the bat and have three runs walked in.

Harold Reynolds.... never liked him, never will. Can't stand his voice, can't stand to look at him. When I read that he was joining SNY, I figured I had done something very, very bad and was being punished for it.

I don't think I'm even going to watch today. They don't care, so why should I?

Deb said...

I hear ya, Trace, I hear ya. I guess I'm either eternally optimistic, or a masochist, and maybe a combination of both.

If we don't win today, we have Smoltzie going up against us tomorrow, and we could be headed for a sweep.

GaryG said...

Coming off a 2 hit barrage and then going against Hudson today and Smoltz tomorrow. Ugh.

We'll get 6+ serviceable innings from Maine today. But ugh, this has all the makings of an ugly weekend.

Guess I'll keep my watch out for The Ugly, The Uglier and The Ugliest for tomorrow. LOL.

Deb said...

If we lose today and tomorrow, you don't even want to know what's coming next, lol.