Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Couple Of Thoughts On This Dreary Day.....

... starting with the fact that, of course, me, you and everybody on the planet with even a passing interest in their local team HATES rainouts! For some reason, they really disrupt the daily rhythm of in-season life, don't they? Arrggghhh....!!!!

Anyway, didja hear that Barry Zito, the $126 Million Man, has been demoted to the bullpen? Demoted, huh, is that what they call it? Last I heard, he's still good for $126 million.... of course, I'm just kidding... sort of! But the fact of the matter is, Barry Zito has been arguably one of the Worst Free Agent Acquisitions In The Last Few Years, and yes, I do mean that with the capital letters, that's how badly this thing turned out for the Giants and Barry. NOT Bonds... but come to think of it, things haven't turned out so well for him, either, but let's get back to the Zito, and not the Bonds. Mr. Zito, thought of as the "big prize" of the 2007 class of free agency, has done little more than perform as a journeyman pitcher would, and looks nothing like the ace SF thought they were getting. Of course, let us remember that many Mets fans panted long and hard after Barry (Zito, ZITO!), and we should be happier than clams in a shell that Omar did not share that, uh, enthusiasm for Barry Lite.

And what's with Schneider's infected thumb? Almost four days in the hospital???? I don't know, something tells me things were a tad more serious than we were being told.

And as for Moises Alou, now it appears he may have a broken ankle. Of course, I haven't checked around yet this morning, but gee willikers, folks, if it weren't for injuries, it wouldn't be Moises Alou, and this is yet another in his long laundry list of them, which have permeated what probably would have or could have been a Hall of Fame caliber career. Whether or not he'll even be back this year is seriously in question, at least, in my mind, it is.

Of course, what's really strange about the whole thing is that apparently, the injury occurred while he was rehabbing ANOTHER injury for which he started the year on the DL. This would almost be funny, except it isn't, and I have to wonder what the hell happened, how it happened, and whether we'll ever really know.

Now, onto the Pirates.... the X Man Cometh!

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