Monday, April 21, 2008

Mr. Hanky Is Cranky....

No, not THAT Mr. Hanky, but close....

I'm talking, of course, about "Mr. Hanky" Steinbrenner, he of the Yankee Steinbrenners. And apparently, Mr. Hanky's a liiiiitle cranky over the use, or as he calls it, the MISuse, of one Joba Chamberlain. It appears as if Mr. Hanky feels that Mr. Joba ought to be in the starting rotation, and should have been there already, and that a "mistake" was made and needs to be rectumfied. Yes, kiddies, I did say rectumfied!

It seems as everyone in the world except for Mr. Hanky knew that the Yankee starting pitching staff was a little weak going into the season, and this here blogger has mentioned on more than one occasion her surprise that Mr. Hanky and the Yankees didn't push harder for Mr. Santana, or King Johan, as he is fondly known in other baseball circles, like in Queens, for example. Some of us thought it a little... strange... at the very least that the Yankees let the biggest free agent prize in many a year simply go elsewhere in favor of a pair of young upstart pitchers. Made no sense to moi at the time, and makes even less sense right now, but let's not belabor that fact. It would have made a little more sense to moi if King Johan were, say, older than his reported age, but I'm just not going there, because, well, because there's no reason to. Based upon what we know, King Johan is in his prime time, an established multiple Cy Young Award winner, and it was rather curious that the Yankees didn't make much more of a push for him, don't you think?

What I find most interesting and most curious about the whole thing is Mr. Cashman's response to Mr. Hanky, saying that Mr. Joba is right where he belongs, and he ain't moving.

Stalemate? Checkmate? Checkout? Stay tuned for the fate of Mr. Hanky and Mr. Joba, coming to a blog near you.

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