Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just When You Think....

....everybody's full of shit, the unexpected happens.

And what do I mean by the unexpected? Well, if I told you this morning that one of the following three things would happen, which would you have considered the LEAST likely:

1. Peace in the Middle East;
2. Abraham Lincoln rising from the dead and entering the 2008 Presidential race; or
3. Carlos Delgado hitting two home runs.

Yeah, I know, tough choice, but of the three, I'd have given the first two options a much bigger chance of actually occurring than I would have the third.

Well, blow me down, as my ol' buddy Popeye used to say. Just blow me down, blow me over, and hit me with that foam finger... because today, Carlos Delgado became himself, all over again.

If that don't beat all.

And of course, the spinach on the Popeye is taking two of three from our perennial division rival, the Barves.

And the wilt on the spinach is, of course, Delgado's failure to come out for a big blue curtain call, and the speculation that our very own "Mr. Met" David Wright urged him not to do so. That he said something that was either "don't do it" or "f**k the fans."

Now, I don't know, but to me, but even if one is reading lips, I would guess that "don't do it" and "f**k the fans" look very very different, and I would think it would be very easy to tell the difference.

Unless, of course, it's all the stuff of urban legend... and since I didn't see the game due to circumstances beyond my control (I had an outside the house obligation which did not include a television or radio), I have to leave it up to you folks to clue me in, so if any of you saw what D.W. actually said, speak now or forever hold your..... well, hold your something.

I will say that one day's performance does not a season make, but it's a good start, and although it isn't peace in the Middle East or a presidential candidate that doesn't make us retch and run for the bathroom, it wasn't bad; it surely wasn't bad.

As for the nonexistent curtain call, now that I think about it, I guess Carlos Delgado gave Mets fans one big foam finger, straight to the heart. Very fitting for Foam Finger Day.

Overall, though, good day, good weekend for Mets fans!


GaryG said...

Had a late night last night, so I was really tired, and only caught the first half of the game (slept thru the rest.) But Figueroa was real good.

You gotta catch the replay of the Church catch jumping over Beltran. Catch of the year (to date).

Who woulda thunk we'd win 2 of 3 from the Braves and beat Hudson and Smoltz.

Deb said...

Figgy is definitely my pitching hero of the season, thus far. There's nothing not to love about the guy. His personality, exuberance, his obvious joy at having made the big time in the home town are infectious, and of course, none of it would even be a blip on the radar screen if he wasn't pitching really well. LOL

I saw the Church catch on the replay. Not only was it great, it was, well, amazin' that neither he or Beltran got hurt.

As my mom says, I give Church and F for effort for that

crazymetgirl said...

I thought the catch was amazing, too - it made WebGems on Baseball Tonight, but not the Top 10 on SportsCenter. What's up with that? I was holding my breath that there wouldn't be a nasty collision... I'm so impressed with Church. Stud.