Monday, June 2, 2008

F*ck... It's Monday Again....


But, let's look at the good side of this here Monday. Which is, of course, the spectacular (dare I say it?) performance of the Mets since the closed-door not-so-secret meeting between Omar, Willie and ownership Monday last, a/k/a, Memorial Day.

Memorial Day, indeed; in more ways than one. We may well look at Memorial Day 2008 as a memorial to the hopefully now defunct early 2008 Mets, marking the day the hopefully new 2008 Mets began their serious quest for a division title and postseason play.

Fresh off taking three of the four-game series against Joe Torre & Co., a/k/a the Los Angeles Dodgers, having had the Sunday afternoon game rescheduled to a Sunday evening ESPN start, which sucks noodles, as DingoMets says, the Mets now begin a week-long tour of the lovely west coast, and start a three-game series against the Giants this evening, with the centerpiece being Pedro's start tomorrow. Who knows what that may bring? All I can say is, if Pedro's ready, and doesn't stub his toe, or twist his hip, or otherwise miraculously emerges physically unscathed from the start, and somehow manages through it all to pitch well, well.... one up for the Mets. Rumor has it that Duque is close to returning, as well. Pedro and Duque would certainly provide a lift to the somewhat saggy rotation. Both guys are winning players, and this team needs more of them.

And what can you say about Johan The Great? I know lots of Mets fans are less than thrilled with him, but I have to say that thus far, he's shown me that he is a winner (see above, as in, we need more of them) and a fierce competitor.

In other words, like Smith Barney, he makes money the old fashioned way - he eaaaaarns it! Who cares if his velocity is down a couple of miles an hour -- the guy knows how to win, and come up large when he has to. THAT, my friends, is the definition of a true staff "ace," a true stopper, and a true competitor.

Let's Go Mets!

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