Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go... Right Now!

I'm referring, of course, to one Carlos Delgado -- attention, K Mart Shoppers - do not, I repeat, DO NOT give him any of stuff advertised in the pictured commercial, because, well, he's gotta go, right now!

In case there's some Mets fan out there who still has a semblance of hope for Mr. Carlos Delgado, I would say to you -- HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND, OR DID YOU EVER HAVE ONE? Or more civilly put - what has he done for YOU lately? Not much, and he's been doing not much for some time now. The guy is killing the middle of the lineup, he's almost an automatic out at this point; he's batting a whopping .130 over his last seven games, and his offensive production has so steadily declined in the past several years that combined with his rather ordinary defensive skills and his rumored clubhouse issues, it's time for him to fly...

And in a curious move yesterday, the Mets acquired former Yankee first baseman Andy Phillips from the Cincinnati Reds. Now, Andy is apparently a good glove with a fair right hand bat, and you can read all about it here. So, you can see, folks, I'm using the term "fair" when it comes to Andy's offense quite liberally. If you don't look further than on its face, the move would appear to be one designed to, uh, spell, yeah, that's it, "spell," Carlos Delgado at first base... but according to Mets Blog, Mets manager Jerry Manuel denies that the move was made vis a vis first base. "Outfield inventory," huh? I gotta give the J-Man Gangsta' points for that one, that's a good one, very creative indeed, Jerry. "Outfield inventory." Gotta love it. Not sure I believe it, but, whatever.

I have to agree with Mets Blog that I'm not really sure I understand what the Mets think they're doing with these Andy Phillips types of acquisitions. Like Jeff Conine last year, and Trot Nixon this year, who is actually rumored to be on the chopping block when Ryan Church returns to the lineup. To me, these types of moves seem much ado about nothing, as the great William Shakespeare once penned. It just seems as if the Mets are a whirling dervish with little or no direction, striking here, there and everywhere, but landing few solid punches.

Apparently, there are many closed door meetings going on at Shea, and many more changes in the air. I'm all for change, heaven knows, this team needs it, but more changes like Andy Phillips I could live without. What Mets fans want is real change, a real philosophy, a real emphasis put on acquiring or promoting the right types of players, not changing the roster simply by acquiring the castoffs of other teams, hoping either to placate the fans or catch lightning in a bottle, I'm not sure which, and maybe a little of both. But a real significant shift in the atmosphere and attitude of the organization would be most welcome.

And note to Mets fans: take a good look at last night's game. John Maine on the mound, getting the win and Jose Reyes and David Wright supplying 90% of the offense. Young, up and coming, and keepers, all. Take note, Mr. Wilpon. These are the types of players we want to see at Shea.


The Coop said...

I know Carlos Delgado is owed muchos dollares (as they say in Fast least, I think that's where it's from), but Minaya could make a HUGE statement by just outright releasing him. I also know that Phillips costs, well, just money (no prospects like Conine or PTBNL like Trot) between him and Val Pascucci in AAA (maybe let go of one of the 1000 catchers who are old), we can definitely get more offensive production from 1B than we are getting now with Carlos Delfarto. In fact, I don't know why Manuel the "gangsta" he is doesn't just sit his fat a$$ like Willie did - that was the one time I actually liked Wills.

Deb said...

I think the time to make the Delgado Statement has now arrived, Coop. Do I think it will be done? No, I don't, but bringing Phillips in sure is a curious turn of events... and the more conspiracy-theorist minded of us might think the worm is beginning to turn for ol' Carlos.

I think the only reason J-Man doesn't sit Delgado is because the roster is already spread way thin, and Delgado still does represent somewhat of a power threat even in his diminished capacity. In baseball, it takes a long time for a rep to be lived down, if ever. Even though teams know Delgado is a shadow of his former self, his former self was apparently great enough to still instill some caution and fear into the opposing pitcher.

The coop said...

I was at the game last night with one your fellow countrywomen, LOL ;) (I asked her about pierogi making - she said she's never made them LOL). Anyway, I was shocked i tells ya, SHOCKED, at Delgado's average. I knew it was BAD, but below .230 bad? I think I was in denial. I was never in denial, of course, that he will rebound. It didn't happen last year, guess what? Aint happening this year either

Deb said...

Of COURSE IT AIN'T! And if he were the first baseman on any other team which purported to be a serious contender, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?????? You and I both know... he'd probably not be playing, or at least not every day.

The Mets continue to throw good money after bad, once again provind that the most basic lessons of life, economics and baseball seem to mysteriously elude them.

Believe me, Coop, most of my Polish friends wouldn't even ATTEMPT to make pierogi, that's what a time consuming pita project they really are. Not to mention that it isn't easy to make GOOD pierogi, even if one wanted to attempt it. My mom has found a good shortcut to the individual pierogi, though -- lasagne pierogi. That's right -- make the filling you like, then boil lasagne noodles about 5 minutes. Cook your butter and onions, place some on the bottom of the pan, and simply construct your lasagne with the pierogi filling in the standard manner. When all noodles and pierogi filling are gone, top with the remaining butter and onion mixture, cover and bake at 250 degrees for an hour or so until done. Friggin' delicious, so much so that we generally never make the "real" pierogi.