Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Miscellany....

Whew, that was a nice break. Not intentional, really, mind you; The Botch and I had our hands full with company all weekend, cooking and serving homemade spaghetti sauce, major fruit and regular salads, an eye round dinner complete with homemade mashed potatoes and fixins', all capped off by a marathon pierogi-making session yesterday afternoon. And if any of you has ever made pierogi, from scratch, well... you know what I'm talking about here. We did cheat on the dough (don't tell anybody, though), and if you're a pierogi maker, I will pass along this helpful hint -- buy won ton skins. I kid you not, you place the filling in the middle, fold them over to form a small rectangle, seal them up, fork 'em, and boil 'em. Then you dump 'em into a mixture of slightly sauteed butter and onions, and voila... heaven on earth.

And speaking of heaven on earth, how 'bout them Mets, huh? Look, I had my share of shit to say about Willie; I certainly thought he was far from the best manager the likes of the Mets had ever seen, but with Willie, my complaints were more centered on the ennui and total lack of spiritedness exhibited by Los Mets, and his failure to address The Collapse, and motivate the players. But it did seem as after that fateful Memorial Day meeting, the Mets were playing better and turning it around. So I don't want to see Manuel getting all the credit here, because the team was in fact seemingly turning it around under the last days of the Willie tenure.

Manuel is turning out to be quite a card. He alternates between being Peterson-like with his words, as in his description of Mets fans and the atmosphere at Shea Stadium as "fertilizer," which I think is zenny/funny/hysterical, and gangsta-ing up on likes of Reyes and Wright, then reverts to referring to Jose Reyes as "she" in a recent interview. I really don't know what to make of this guy; it certainly doesn't seem as if he cares about what he says, and this could either be a very good thing or a very bad one. Stay tuned.

One thing I do like that he's done since he's been manager is assign roles to the guys in the bullpen. This seems to have had a much-needed calming affect on the pen, and the results are already beginning to show. The pen seems more settled, more focused, and more relaxed, their roles having now been defined. I used to think that a pen was a pen was a pen; a reliever was a reliever was a reliever; that these guys should be ready to go whenever wanted or needed, whenever the manager calls on them, and I still think in the most basic sense that's true; that being said, the defining of roles has, imo, a very stabilizing and positive affect.

And how about the rumors floating around the Mike & The Mad Dog Show on WFAN, that the boys are not overly thrilled with each other right now, and that the show may not make it past the summer.... Read all about it here.

Oh, and one more thing -- Kyle Farnsworth is truly and totally a piece of shit. He actually was pissed at Yankee Stadium fans for cheering during the playing of the tape of Griffey Jr's 600th home run? And he wonders why the Yankee Stadium fans cheer his injury? Jealous much, Kyle?

I always thought Farnsworth a bit of a jerk, but congratulations, Kyle, you've now regressed to being thought of as a total piece of shit. And apparently, hated by your own team's fans. And they talk about METS fans....!!


Coop said...

how dare you make pierogi and not invite ME over? LOL I'll let you off the hook if you mail order them to me (of course you have to keep them frozen but it's all good) - i guess i'll have to make do with the trader joe's version i have in the freezer

Deb said...

How should I know you like pierogi making? We will be making them again in about a month or so, if you want to come over you're welcome....

Speaking of Polish, it turns out that my cousin and his husband (they live in Mass., don't you know) are opening up a little restaurant in Vermont, and they actually are having Polish night for their inaugural event, I believe. They've hired an accordian player to play polkas, are making homemade pierogi, kielbasa, sauerkraut, golompki (stuffed cabbage), babka (it's a potato baked dish, served with sour cream or applesauce, much like a giant potato pancake, only tastier and better) and I might even make Chruscicki if I decide to go... right now, I'm not going, because I don't want to drive up myself, and nobody else will be going overnight only. So maybe they do without the Chruscicki, lol. I think they have an attached bed and breakfast type place with accommodations, so having a place to stay wouldn't be a problem, but I ain't driving there, lol.

Coop said...

well let me know when it is - one of my best girlfriends is hella Polish and I love old school nationalist traditions - from a mutt like me, I like it when people put on the dog for their culture! I heart pierogi, I don't eat beef or any other meat, but the babka sound scrumptious. ~SLURP~

Deb said...

I believe it's the Saturday before Labor Day, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

The babka has bacon in it, so I don't think you would eat it, unfortunately. But man, it is delicious!

And it actually turns out I might be going to a friend of my mom's on Sunday morning to make MORE