Thursday, June 12, 2008

Choke Billy... Or Billy The Choke?....

...either way, he's Billy the Goat, again, whom I'd love to choke at this point.

This is how a top closer with a big mouth performs? He sure as hell has little trouble calling out his teammates. There is simply no excuse for Billy The Choke. Who is reminding me more and more of the biggest choke artist of the 21st century - one Armando Benitez.

Need I say more?

Game is tied, going to extra innings. Fuckers.

Good thing I'm not letting them get to me anymore.... *titter.*


Coop said...

I like how you say you don't care anymore, so nevermind. LOL But I do say this - I am going to Baltimore this weekend and trying to take in a game with my dear ol' dad - it's wonderful to be able to sit back and enjoy the art of baseball when you don't care about who wins or loses. These Mets though, I wish I could care less about them losing (like they do), but I am in way too deep.

Deb said...

Coop, read Dana Brand's column from today that I highlighted in Friday thoughts post. Do yourself a favor. :)