Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Mets Get Hot, But Most Do Not....

...and so much for showing emotion on the field making a difference. The Mets lost 11-0 last night, anyway, in a team performance worthy of the boos the team has been earning at Shea this season.

And speaking of boos, it's hard to criticize the booing at Shea at this point. Considering the money people spend to go to a game, not to mention the money people spend on season ticket packages, and the poor level of play they're seeing on the field, it's really really hard to ask the fans to "stifle themselves," as the great Queens native Archie Bunker used to always say. When the most exciting part of a game is watching your manager and star player get thrown out of the game for arguing with an umpire whose behavior last night can only be described as "bullying," well, there is something rotten in Queens.

And as I've said before, there's so much wrong with this organization, a mere change in managers and coaches isn't going to fix even one small percentage of it. And as I said yesterday, you have to start wondering if you have any intelligence at all whether or not spending big money on free agent acquisitions as pretty much the sole manner in which you build your team is really the way to go. Like most Mets fans, I'm at the point (I was actually at the point a long time ago, but no matter) where I would almost rather see the up and coming youngsters playing at Shea.

And I almost hate to say this, but I will: it looks to me for all the world as if this team has little interest in winning at home, and it seems as if the divide between the team and the fans is at or near the point of no return.

And in other news, Mr. Hanky, he of the Steinbrenner clan, of course, has been heard to have offered Willie, he late of the Mets, of course, a job in the Yankee organization if he wants it. So Willie might actually be back in Yankee pinstripes before long... which would be the final irony in this situation of the eminently ridiculous goings on at Shea Stadium.

I guess if you're a Mets fan, you have to step back and kind of disengage yourself from this current team for awhile, if you want to survive your fandom. You have to learn to be somewhat dispassionate, detached and place yourself more in the shoes of the observer rather than the shoes of the rabidly frothing Mets fan screaming his or her head off at every turn. You just have to survive right now.

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