Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News Flash: Wilpon Empire Benefits From Wilpon Empire Screwup

In classic Wilpon fashion, as only the Wilpons can accomplish, the Wilpon Empire will benefit from the Wilpon Empire Screwup, a/k/a The Willie Randolph And Co. West Coast Late Night Firing, The Shhh! Don't Tell Anybody Massacre.

And how, pray tell, will this occur?

Well, according to Mets Blog, SNY will go "live" today beginning at 1 pm and going straight through to the Omar Minaya Press Conference scheduled for 5 pm, having a Mets in Transition type of program with various guests and appearances from the usual cast of characters, including the Mets Blog folks.

Another case of Wilpon helping Wilpon.

Why do I say this? Because, of course, this is a truly newsworthy story and deserves coverage from all types of media, including SNY, owned by the Wilpons. So you would ask, on the face of it, why am I being so cynical? Well, because there has been plenty of valid criticism about the canned nature of SNY programming, and its failure to go "live" when important things occur, filling these opportunities instead with Mets Classics (mostly the same ones) and silly programming such as Loud Mouths or even Beer Money episodes, but they curiously pick now to take the opportunity to do something they should have done many many times before.

Nice going, jerks. The No Clue Two Man Wrecking Crew.

Honestly, if I wasn't so confounded and amazed at this whole thing, I'd actually find the words to describe it, but in fact, there just are no words. None at all.


GaryG said...

Apparantly I heard that some of the players found out from Adam Rubin about the firing. They can't even do a firing right. I mean, send Willie and the coaches out to California, and then fire 'em. Talk about wasted plane fare.

Deb said...

They're pathetic, they really are. The No Clue Wrecking Crew...lol.

caryn said...

deb, where do you manage to get these graphics every single time?

obviously, i agree completely. the whole thing is embarrassing.

Deb said...

I just kind of look around, and to be honest, I saw the Jerk Store one on a message board this morning, and it just fit right in, verrrrry nicely. LOL