Friday, June 27, 2008

The First Friday Go Fuck Yourself Award: Whiny, Baby Yankees Act Like Whiny Babies...

....this just in: The Yankees have been heard to be whining and criping about having to play a double header today, having had to fly into New York after playing an afternoon game yesterday.

Boo hoo hoo. Not for anything, Yankees, but have you taken a look at the Mets schedule for the past month or so? You wanna talk about grueling? Flying back and forth to California, Colorado, no off days, ridiculous Sunday night ESPN games before long flights out to Cali and then playing the next (really, the same) evening? Jeeze...Not that I'm excusing the Mets play, or anything...or blaming it even remotely on the schedule...I'm merely pointing out the ridiculousness (is that even a word, ridiculousness?) of the Yankee complaints.

And I have news for you, Yankee Babies -- I'm almost certain that most if not all MLB teams have the same scheduling issues. And one of the main reasons these issues exist is to help fund the gigundo salaries most of you receive. What, did you think the money was for nothing? As they say, those who marry for money invariably end up earning it. The same applies here.

Just so I have this straight, before I bestow the award, formally...The Yankees play an AFTERNOON game, in the SAME TIME ZONE, in PITTSBURGH, which is what, maybe an hour and a half flight into New York? And they're complaining about having to play two the next day? Give me a fucky wucky break, as Don Imus used to say.

So for that, folks, the entire Yankee team gets the inaugural Friday Go Fuck Yourself Award.

Yet another reason to hate the Yankees, as if we needed one, thank you very much.

Now, Yankees, go fuck yourselves. Oh, and lose two today, willya?


the coop said...

This is so great and well deserved big middle finger to the Skanks LOL. You know what I was thinking - remember when the Tampa Bay Rays were horrible yet they would come into the house that greed built and whip the Yanks a$$? And we'd all laugh - the Rays are horrible yet they are showing up the almighty Yanks! I realized today - the Yanks are just as old as the Mets are and they have a right to b*tch and moan. But you don't see the young scrappy and not to mention cheap players on the Rays doing that.

Deb said...

Number one, I disagree, Coop - they DON'T have the right to bitch and moan. Well, maybe they do, we all do, but it just ain't right, I gotta tell ya... it just ain't right. LOL

It's just another case of a bunch of overpaid underwhelming legends in their own minds whining about how bad they have I betcha just about anyone out there would give just about anything to have an iota of what these guys have. Period.

I have no sympathy for them, none at all. :)