Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knife Fight! (I'm Gonna Cut You): SNY's New Reality Series?

..and the Mets apparently have now gone gansta'.

I guess by now everyone has heard new Mets' manager Jerry Manuel's comments about what he told Jose Reyes after the little "hissy fit" Reyes had Monday night in the first inning of the game. Loosely paraphrased, he said he told Reyes that if he pulls that again, he's gonna pull out his blade and cut him. You hear that, Jose? He's gonna cut you up, sucka. According to Manuel, he, Reyes, Wright and some of the other "younger" players have this gangsta' thing going on, that in tough times, they gonna "gangsta' up."

Well, I don't know about you, folks, but this sure makes me feel a whole lot better about the direction of this team.

And now, SNY will have its inaugural reality series: Knife Fight (I'm Gonna Cut You), with the first panel of contestants being Jerry Manuel, Jose Reyes and David Wright, The Token White Guy. For David's benefit, I've posted the picture you see; David, you can buy the course on


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