Monday, September 15, 2008

The MONDAY Go Fuck Yourself Award....

....yeah, yeah, I know, it's the FRIDAY Go Fuck Yourself Award, but perhaps I gave the award away waaaaayyyyy too hastily, although heaven knows Friday's two recipients were eminently well qualified to receive it. Or should I say, well UN-qualified, in the case of one of the recipients.

But today, I simply have to give another award to the New York Mets bullpen, who, in case you don't know by now, blew two leads of more than one run going into the top of the ninth inning over this past weekend, against none other than the Atlanta Braves, who I guess are still driving the Mets and their fans crazy...after all these years. Still crazy, after all these years... *sigh.* Paul Simon, enter and sign in, please....

The off-again on-again Met offense certainly doesn't help the bullpen situation, either. It just seems to me as if this team still believes it can turn it off and on at will, measures itself and its performance accordingly, and might have learned the sum total of NOTHING from last year's historic collapse. The amount of men left on base is staggering, as is the amount of blown offensive opportunities, and lack of fundamental execution of late on the part of the offense. And the amount of inning-killing double plays they are suddenly hitting into.

And I want to know, seriously, why the Mets consistenly fail to execute offensively, and continuously blow leads in Santana-started games. I mean, disproportionately to the leads blown in games started by anyone other than Johan Santana. I see lots of folks out there who believe that Santana will be the difference between what happened last year, and what will happen this year, but honestly, after Saturday's game, and in view of the team's propensity for blowing leads in his games, I'm just not sure I agree with that at all.

And I'm plenty pissed that the staggeringly poor performance of the Met bullpen this weekend forced me into having to award the Go Fuck Yourself Award out of turn. That's how BAD they were.

And I had a lot of other stuff about which I wanted to write today, but I just can't, because the Met bullpen encroached on otherwise fertile writing territory.

So, boys, a hearty and hale go fuck yourselves to ya. Thanks for singlehandedly ruining the weekend of every Met fan out there. Thanks for nothing.

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