Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Go Fuck Yourself Award...

Well, folks, I had a really hard time deciding upon whom to bestow this week's honor, considering how fucked up things are these days, in just about every walk of life. Well, on second thought, make that in EVERY walk of life.

So, I have decided that this week it's a tie between *drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll*....none other than The New York Yankess and Sarah Palin.

You all know my deep and abiding loathing for The Franchise, a/k/a The New York Yankees. Everything the Yankees does seems to be gargantuan. They play in "The Cathedral" *roll eyes." They refer to "The Cathedral" as "The Stadium," as if everyone just KNOWS "The Stadium" must mean, you know, THE STADIUM, YANKEE STADIUM, THE PLACE WHERE THE YANKEES PLAY.

Yawn, yuck, barf and hurl. For this week, the Yankees allowed The Angels, who perennially give The Yankees a good and solid whuppin', reason alone to be a fan of theirs, to clinch the AL West while playing them.

But of course, the best part of the whole Yankee deal this year is having the ability to say The Fouth Place Yankees, Who Are All But Mathematically Eliminated From The Playoffs This Year, and have it be MORE than a pipe dream.

So Yankees, take your Cathedral, The Stadium, your pinstriped candyasses, your A-Rod, your Dreck Jeter, your fan base, and Michael Kay... and kindly Go Fuck Yourself.

There now, I feel better.

Now, onto my next pick, Sarah Palin. If I even have to explain this one, especially in light of her brandidy new interview with Charlie Gibson of WABC, then you're either trying to get your head out of the ass it's buried in, or you're on another planet. Or you're on this planet, and actually embrace the right wing garbage she so eagerly, if not well and efficiently, spouts.

I hope the Bush Doctrine spot will be used and used and used and overused by the media until every single person in America has seen it, and gets it.

And perhaps she believes that we should believe that she knows something, please, God, ANYTHING, about foreign policy because, after all, Alaska is "so close" to Russia. I'm not even going to get into her comments about Russia, and Georgia (fortunately, she at least knew the "Georgia" about which she was speaking was the one in Asia, and not in North America, thank goodness).

The woman is as qualified to be Vice President (let alone President), as Osama bin Laden is to be head of the United Nations, Jose Canseco is to be spokesperson for ethical behavior in sports, or your local science teacher is to be head of NASA.

And John McCain IS, after all, 72 years old, and has known health issues, including a history of cancer.

So Sarah, go fuck yourself -- if you can't even manage to come off as intelligent, informed, prepared and coherent in an interview with the mild-mannered pro-Republican Charlie Gibson, let alone the rest of the press, well.... as I said, go fuck yourself, and take your idiot politics with you.

Guess ol' Charlie The Republican is as worried about the direction of the party as are the Democrats.

And finally, enjoy this little tidbit from George's Blog. How's THAT for weekend food for thought?


George said...

Thanks for the shout out and I'm totally with you on the awards for this week. Indeed, can we elevate both to lifetime awards?

Deb said...

Indeed, we can. And so it is....done. LOL

Mike said...

I'm with George. May need to name this the Sarah Palin Yankees Award going forward.