Thursday, September 25, 2008

"...I Don't Know How Much More Of This I Can Take..." I said a couple of days ago in this post.

Honestly, I'm almost at a total loss for words. I think I've said it all, anyway, over the past few years, as I haven't liked the construction or attitude of this team since the day Carlos Beltran stood at home plate with the bat on his shoulders in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS.

Shoulda told us something.

And by now, I'm sure Johan Santana is strongly questioning why the fuck he came here. This isn't what was represented to him, I'm sure. Hell, it's not even what was represented to the general public.

I feel so flim-flammed, so used, so lied to, so mislead, so conned.

And probably, so does Johan. Only difference is, he gets paid a lot of money to assuage his disappointment.

We don't. Au contraire, we have to SPEND IT, and add insult to injury.

And Omar Minaya gets a four-year contract extension.

Well, whoop-de-fucking-doo!

I don't know how much more of this I can take...shoot, shoot, SHOOT!


Jack Flynn said...

FIRST-PITCH FASTBALL, CARLOS!!! How did you not know Wainwright was going to groove a first-pitch fastball!?

If this Minaya extension is true (and I have no reason to believe it isn't), how tone-deaf does it make the Wilpons appear? Do they not realize that Minaya has built a team that's about to spit the bit on a grandiose level two years in a row?

Deb said...

Oh, it's true, I'd bet.

I think the Wilpons do not care to realize anything but money, and they are making it hand over fist, let's face facts. They will continue to "spend money to make money," but I don't think will ever become focused on winning, but rather will remain focused on making money.

That, to them, is success. Pure and simple. And I'm not spending MY money to line THEIR pockets, with little or nothing in return.

Face it, Jack -- Omar fits their plans, perfectly.

Coop said...

I am currently writing two of my end of season rants. One is definitely more positive. The other is more of what went wrong. The #1 reason why Omar Minaya should NOT get an extension this year would be...exercising Moises Alou's option, only to have him break in half which we ALL saw coming a mile away. 50 miles away even. OK, you know when you are near train tracks and you HEAR the whistle and HEAR the chugging, and it gets closer and closer, closer-closer-closer, then its right there? Yeah that whistle from out there? THat's when I saw Moises Alou would not be a factor this year. FELIPE ALOU knew he would not make it this year. OK I'm done...remember, WWCD - What would Coop do?

Deb said...

And please, Coop, in your what went wrong rant, make sure to include the four-year Luis Castillo deal and the fact that the bullpen consists of little more than specialists.

Thank you. :)

George said...

Specialists in suckage.

What the hell was Wright doing in the ninth last night. Take the goddam walk. Then they have to pitch to either Delgado or Beltran. I like that much better than poor Church in the clutch. Let's face it, the guy isn't the same player post-concussion.

As for Omar, no extension till he learns what a plan B means. Especially when he likes plan A's that are written in disappearing ink (Alou, Castillo, Wagner, Pedro).

Deb said...

Dudley Do Wright is Dudley Do Wrong in the clutch; I think part of his problem is he thinks he has to do it ALL; he forgets he has teammates, 24 of them. And at least a couple of them are hitters.

I think it's too late with Omar; the extension has probably already been inked.

Rickey Henderson said...

It's a freaking rollercoaster. Buy the ticket. Strap in. Take the ride. This weekend is gonna age us all a good two years.

Deb said...

I'm afraid, folks, Der Rickster, a/k/a Rickey, is right. Strap in, get y'er umbrellas out, stock up on the booze and the goodies, take your anti-depressant meds, or whatever drugs of choice might be on hand, and get ready, 'cause here it comes!